Paired Transformational Breathwork

    We live mostly on air.  80% of the atomic weight of our intake and outgo is through our lungsWe can live days without water, months without food, three minutes without air!  More air = more life.

    Circular, powerful, relaxed, guided, and supported breathing offers life-shifting insights, wild visions, deep emotional releases and nurturing states of calm.

     No modality for personal growth is as fast, intense, clean, opening, and non-ordinary: a journey deep into a cathartic, waking dream. 

     Co-facilitated by Tim Anderson ( and Robyn Lynn (


    This breathwork is done in groups of two.  Come with someone with whom you can be transparent and who will pay good attention to you -- a friend, a lover, anyone you trust.  You will help facilitate their session, and they yours.  Come prepared to go deep, have fun, connect, release, give and receive healing.  You need no prior experience.  Just willingness and kindness.


    * Wear light, loose fitting, comfortable clothes.

    * Bring snacks you'd like to share after each session, two sheets, two pillows and one blanket for each pair.

    * Eat a light supper at most, especially if you are going to breathe first session.  Don't drink much for two hours before arriving.

    * DIRECTIONS, please use those at  Web maps and GPS's have real trouble with this location. 


Name Sales End Price Fee
Price Per Individual Ended $30 $1.74
Price Per Pair Ended $60 $2.49

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