Maximized Seller Buy Down Strategy and Got Money?

A new twist on an old concept!

The Best Strategy to Sell Homes: The Maximized Seller Buydown.”

In this 3 hour MCE approved class, we focus on addressing the challenges of selling homes in today’s marketplace.  The Maximized Seller Buydown strategy delivers results for everyone involved in selling homes – the listing agent, buyer’s agent, the seller, and the buyer.

Key takeaways and turn-key sales tools you can access:

  • Understanding of Maximized Seller Buydown and why it’s especially valuable in today’s housing market;
  • Skills to overcome obstacles that realtors and sellers face – making you look like a hero!
  • Solid evidence of this strategy’s success through case studies and assessable reports
  • Resources and selling tools to help you get out there and close more sales!

After attending this class, you’ll walk away with the knowledge and know-how to take this to your clients, get the attention of your buyers and sellers, close faster on existing inventory, and increase referral business.  Best of all take us along for a visit with your seller and well do the selling for you.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Buydown -MCE Ended $25 $0.99
Got Money? - MCE Ended $25 $0.99
Animal Shelter Donation   Ended Free
Fan Drive Donation Ended Free

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