Webinar Series: The Business Advantages of Open Source

Webinar Series Overview

Are you a business looking to improve your technology so you can get more out of each day?  Unable to deploy the off-the-shelf software you need to help run your business  at a reasonable price?  Looking for better options?

Participants in this webinar series will discover a number of open source tools available to build low-cost intranets for managing time, documents, and assets in ways that concurrently reduce IT costs and help improve workplace productivity.  They will also learn about strategies for realizing instant ROI from deployment, as well as tips for smoothly managing the deployment of new open source systems.

Our goal is for participants to leave with an improved understanding of how available open source tools can help them accomplish their business goals, as well as how to obtain and implement the right set of tools.  In this three part webinar series, we will cover the basics of enterprise-level open source software including how open source can be deployed, basic pros and cons, methodologies for identifying requirements and matching them with software specifications, methodologies for building enterprise architecture, and developing a basic technological infrastructure to support existing workflows.

How Businesses Can Utilize Open Source Software

  • To rapidly build professional-looking websites without spending thousands of dollars or knowing how to write code
  • To automate management of data, documents, sales, timesheets, projects, and resources
  • As a low-cost method of managing remote-access to work documents
  • As tools to construct key parts of web optimization and marketing strategies (such as blogs and wikis)

Series Outline

1. What is Open Source? (September 24)

  • How Businesses Deploy Open Source
  • Open Source Benefits for SMEs
  • Difficulties SMEs face in Deploying Open Source Software
  • Addressing SME difficulties
2. What To Do Before Deploying Open Source (October 1)
  • Enterprise Architecture (What is it?)
  • Taking Stock - Asset, Resource, and Goals Inventory
  • Building Business Processes and Rules
  • What's Missing?
3. Deploying Open Source (October 8)
  • Keys to successful deployment
  • Building solid requirements
  • Identifying the Right Vendor
  • Managing Deployment: Offshore vs in-country Developers

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We firmly believe that open technologies will be the key to the next revolution in global business growth.  Let us help you get on board.

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