Open Mobile 2008


New Forms Festival is introducing Open Mobile this year at the festival in September. Sponsored in part by Mobile Muse, Open Mobile is a day of case studies and sessions designed to bring together artists and technologists, as the leaders in the mobile space illustrate and highlight their work, prototypes and proven mobile technologies and experiences.



Open Mobile will be held on Sunday, September 21st at the Intersections Digital Studio (IDS) at Emily Carr Institute on Granville Island.



9:30 - 10am Registration / Check-in

(Each Session is 30 minutes long, with a 5 minute interval between each for set-up)

10:10am - 10:40am - Opening Keynote - Jean Hebert, Roland Tanglao and Jesse Scott "Opening Mobiles, Community Activation and the One Wireless Web"
10:45am - 11:15am - Session One - Scott Nelson "The current state of open video on mobile platforms"
11:20am - 11:50pm - Session Two - Irwin Oostindie "Fearless City Mobile"
11:55am - 12:25pm - Session Three - Igor Faletski "Beyond the Mobile Web"

Lunch: 12:30 - 1:45pm

1:45pm - 2:00pm - 15 minute LIVE video feed from Chile with Chilean artist, Jorge Hernández Cerda. Orchstrated and translated by Claudio Rivera Seguel
2:05pm - 2:20pm - 15 minute ArtCamp Recap, a New Forms Festival event on Sat. Sept 20th: Kate Armstrong
2:25pm - 2:55pm - Session Four - Glenn Iles - "Managing and Producing Mobile Projects"
3:00pm - 3:30pm - Session Five - Matt Snyder - "Mobile Marketing: The Cross-Screen Frontier"
3:35pm - 4:05pm - Session Six - Jack Stockholm - "Presentation of Eavesdropping: Internet-based Interactive audio musical performance in shared public spaces"

Wrap Time and Close 4:05pm

SESSION BREAKDOWN: (speaker bios below)

Opening Keynote: Opening Mobiles, Community Activation and the One Wireless Web
Jean Hebert, Roland Tanglao, Jesse Scott
It was once said that the Sony Walkman, not love, would tear us apart. Contrary to these claims about mobile privatization, whereby individuating technologies are said to produce alienated populations running around in mobile media cocoons, and for some quite unexpectedly, the diffusion of advanced mobile devices and applications offers new opportunities to build and activate communities, invoking a radical reconstruction of media, art production, intellectual property, and public space. Ubiquitous, open, mobile, and accessible internetworking technologies, heralded by portable wi-fi devices such as the Nokia N95 or Apple's iPhone, will enable us to continue the legacy of our tethered social media cloud - media sharing, wikis, tagging, twemes - in a radically different space than we're used to (or one that we've simply forgotten about somewhat): public space. This is contested terrain, with a complex political economy, but the potential for a ubiquitous mobile web is now too alluring to ignore. This talk will navigate the mobile web space with one eye on media history and political economy, and another eye on the accompanying VJ screen, to assess how the speaker's messages are being scrambled while this all unfolds.

The Current State of Open Video on Mobile Platforms
Scott Nelson
Scott's session will be on comparative openness in mobile video solutions.

Fearless City Mobile
Irwin Oostindie
This presentation explores the convergence of art, community and mobile technology in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The conversation will respond to the idea of a Fearless City, with a wireless mesh network, open source two-way social media sharing for marginalized residents and artists in one of the industrialized world’s poorest urban centres.  Fearless City Mobile broadens the potential for public participation in discourse within public spaces, and amongst artists and residents denied a voice within the dominant media landscape. Fearless provides an open mesh network, distribution and training for mobile devices, two-way rich media file sharing, and interactive live screens in public spaces. Hear stories and watch new mobile video works during this half hour presentation. Get updated on results of recent collaborations with Mobile Muse and New Forms Festival, including Vision Division and Mobile Swarm.

Beyond the Mobile Web: Context-Awareness as the future of the Internet
Igor Faletski

The "Mobile Web" is dead. The newest mobiles can access regular websites just fine and the need for mobile-specific web content is quickly fading. Igor will cover the current challenges in mobilizing existing sites and making them more usable through context-awareness. Come to debate the future of the Web and discuss the ways to improve its accessibility!


Mobile Technology Art in Latin-America
: A live video presentation by Jorge Hernández Cerda
Coordinated in Vancouver by Claudio Rivera Seguel
This presentation shows and reflects upon a selection of artworks in the field of mobile technology, which represents a new area for cultural innovation and critical contemporary thinking in Latin-America.

Although this is a relatively new issue to the region, artists have taken this aesthetic media scenario to explore social, urban and semantic changes promoted by mobile devices. The meaning of cellular phones in public spaces, the sense of this object as a post-modern alter-ego and the possibilities for creativity triggered by them, are some of the issues dealt by Latin-American artists.

This presentation will also present some of the ideas underlying the development of the interactive installation called Mobile-Mobile, developed by the lecturer, and which was exhibited in Europe (2006) and in Chile (2007).

ArtCamp Recap: A Brief Synopsis of New Forms event "ArtCamp" happening the day prior to Open Mobile
Kate Armstrong

ArtCamp08: The Year is 20/20
We are producing a manifesto for the future of the city. Visionaries will be invited to the research labs of Emily Carr
University of Art and Design on Saturday, September 20, 2008, to participate
in a secret session on the future.

Participants will be given a rotating schedule structured to invite the
consideration of different aspects of the future. Reflections produced in
the course of this inquiry will be adapted into a series of short,
declarative statements in the following template:

"It is 2020..."
"...power for our society is generated through a series of small cultural
explosions, like flashbulbs."
"...we have no mobile devices, we are mobile devices."
“…The Lion’s Gate Bridge has been designated as a pedestrian billboard

The documents will be sealed in a metal box and buried until the year 2020,
when they will be revealed with ritual and fanfare.

Integrating Mobile Technology into an Event

Glenn Iles
In this half hour session you will learn about the make-up of a typical event and the people to talk to in order to provide services to the event.  You will understand the objectives of a large scale event and learn how you can customize your offering to meet the needs and expectations of the event manager.  This session will be beneficial for those wanting to provide mobile art or mobile technology at an event.

Mobile Marketing: The Cross-Screen Frontier
Matt Snyder

Mobile is rapidly becoming the screen that unifies all forms of media,
creating what Matthew Snyder defines as "the Cross-Screen experience."
Cross-Screen is how consumers, advertisers, brands, media outlets and
others will use mobile - linking to radio (ie- satellite, terrestrial,
internet),  TV (ie- satellite, new digital formats, cable, broadband),
newspaper, outdoor advertisements, Internet (ie- general sites, social
networks, gaming), offering limitless opportunities for interaction.

Mr. Snyder's discussion will bring clarity regarding the future of
mobile as a cross-media marketing and advertising mechanism. In this
session, he will discuss the results of his trials with major brands and
outlets in implementing the mobile handset as the Cross-Screen. These
real-world results will explore whether mobile is the true answer in
effectively bridging together all channels that reach the consumer.

Jack Stockholm
Eavesdropping is an internet-based, interactive audio system that explores network mediated, musical performance in shared public spaces. In public environments, individuals interact by means of a variety of bodily and auditory cues and gestures. These ambient communication techniques can be directed at specific individuals or may be general expressions of mood meant for anyone who happens to notice. Visitors to public spaces, such as a café, seek the passive awareness of others to achieve a sense of connectedness born of shared experience, like the audience in a music venue. This project highlights the exhibitionism and voyeurism in the public sphere by amplifying participants' moods via music and increasing shared experiences to encourage deeper interaction. It covers a broad range of disciplines from auditory display, ambient interfaces, and ubiquitous computing to acoustic ecology and performance art.  Eavesdropping aims to develop an environment which increases audience interaction and connectedness in a localized, computer-controlled performance.



Glenn Iles
Glenn Iles is a veteran sales and marketing specialist and event manager.  Glenn is currently the project manager for Resort TV and the Whistler Mobile Muse project and is also the event manager for Whistler's Wellness Week. 

Roland Tanglao
A veritable social media factory, Roland began blogging in 1999 and
regularly contributes his wit and knowledge about mobile technology,
Vancouver's best restaurants, and tech meetup recaps - along with an
epic Flickr photostream (45000 photos, 18000 uploaded from his mobile
using ShoZu) - to the global online conversation.

Although a technologist at heart - Roland is a systems design engineer
- as a co-founder of Bryght, Roland created a prototype for candid,
company blogging with his enthused and informative style.

Born in the Philippines, raised in Canada - shoveling snow and playing
hockey in a small town in Ontario near Niagara Falls - Roland speaks
better German and French than Tagalog. He enjoys snapping blurry
camera phone photos while Skytrain-ing or riding his bike on icy
streets to Gastown.

Currently, Roland is the support services coordinator at Raincity Studios.

Jean Hébert
Jean Hébert is a PhD student in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, studying the cultural use of mobile technologies. He is also the current Program Manager at Mobile Muse. He blogs at

Jesse Scott
aka metre, aka CineCitta - is a new media artist, promoter, curator, and theorist working from Vancouver, BC, and is an active Curator with New Forms Festival, the memelab, Balcone Art Society, Graffiti Research Lab. Jesse works within many stylistic domains, in the context of live performance, recorded, and installation-based art. His work is preoccupied with communication architectures, the crossover of sound and listening practice with radical political gesture, the autonomy and sovereignty of the image from recuperation, and the political role of the artist.

Matt Snyder
Founder and CEO of ADObjects, Inc., Matthew Snyder
is a seasoned technology and business leader with a 20 year+ track
recorder that spans from developing award winning consumer electronic
products, mobile devices to consumer services in music, video, advanced
user-interfaces, search, and location-based new media social
advertising. Matthew just completed a keynote with a Canadian Delegation
to China around the monetization of pirated music with advertising in
mobile, was recently the Executive Producer of the IAB's first mobile
advertising event in New York, and is currently spearheading the US
mobile marketing division for CBS Radio. Most recently, he was the Head
of Strategy and Business Development in Nokia's Multimedia Business
Group, launching a new form of Advertising Network exchange called the
Nokia Ad Connector.

Kate Armstrong
Kate Armstrong is a writer, artist and independent curator working with media, urban space, poetics, dynamic narrative, and network structures. She has written for P.S 1/MoMA, TrAce, Year Zero One, The Capilano Review, The Kootenay School of Writing, and The Thing, among others. Her first book, Crisis & Repetition: Essays on Art and Culture, was published in 2002. Recent exhibitions include Interactive Futures and Open Space in Victoria, IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City, Yerba Buena Centre for the Arts in San Francisco, ISEA 2006 in San Jose, California, the Akbank Art Centre in Istanbul, Turkey, and a 2008 solo show at the Prairie Art Gallery.
Armstrong works collaboratively in the field of public art with award-winning architectural and design firm bnode and teaches in the Masters of Applied Arts program at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. From 2005-2008 she lectured in the Faculty of Applied Science at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University in Surrey, Canada.
Armstrong is the Community Engagement Director for Mobile Muse, and is currently consulting on the development of a national community-based arts initative for CBC Radio. She is the founding director of Upgrade Vancouver, an arts organization enabling connection and collaboration at the intersection of art and technology, which has been operating in Vancouver since 2003 and is connected to a network of 30 international cities.

Irwin Oostindie
Irwin is a Dutch/Canadian artist and administrator doing cultural planning, cultural infrastructure development, and support for a media arts cluster in Vancouver's inner-city. He recently transferred as Executive Director of Gallery Gachet to W2: Community Media Arts ( a 14,395 sq ft media centre being developed at Woodward's, opening September 2009. 
Irwin is Cofounder and Project Manager with the Fearless Media Cluster and DTES ICT Cluster, both unique groupings of tech companies, open source activists, bloggers, low income residents and artists codesigning open source communications systems for the DTES. Irwin is also a parent, artist and curator, and often takes up new genre public art strategies around redress and reconciliation issues.

Scott Nelson
Scott is the Technology Director with Fearless Mobile.

Igor Faletski
Igor is the co-founder of Handi Mobility, a Vancouver company focused on mobilizing the web. Handi is best known for its work with TransLink and Global TV, promoting the use of mobiles for accessing interactive services.

Jack Stockholm
Jack Stockholm is a musician, artist, and researcher, currently studying audio gestures in localized, networked performance at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology.  His work explores the spontaneous musical invention that occurs in social spaces and how individuals communicate within the acoustic ecology present in an environment.  He has spent the last 15 years developing tools to support network collaboration and communication for both the software industry and media arts.  Jack has performed and presented art works at various locations in North and South America and Europe including Vancouver, New York, Sao Paolo and Trieste.  His current work focuses on designing an audio system which can musically amplify the moods of a group of networked participants.




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