TeleSeminar - Intro to NLP

As this event is full we have scheduled another Intro to NLP for the 4th June 2009. You can register for that event at

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): Is the art, science and practice of excellence.

Join us NOW and open your mind to one of the most advanced technologies today for creating human change, both in individuals and groups in Business, Education, On-Going Coaching and Therapy.

NLP is a life changing skill set that will allow you to accelerate and achieve goals and excellence in any area of your life you choose to focus on.

Increasingly used in cutting-edge multi national companies across the globe, NLP is the study of human excellence, with the attitude that in studying excellence we can recreate it, consistently in all areas.

Powerfully enabling anyone who seeks excellence.

These easy to learn techniques will make it possible for you to accelerate your career, build your business more quickly, overcome fear and obstacles, improve your personal relationships and get more out of life as a whole.

Why would you attend this 2 hour Webinar?

This is for anyone who:

·         Is working towards performance improvement in all aspects of your life

·         Is wanting to be a better Coach, Therapist, Educator, Trainer or Business Professional

·         Wants to identify your obstacles and discover your personal strategies for overcoming them easily

·         Is working towards excellence in your communication, presentation, marketing and selling skills

·         Wants to strengthen your self esteem, personal power and confidence

·         Wants to improve your personal and professional relationships

·         Wants to improve their relationships with, or who works with children in Education or Therapy, or is a parent.

·         Wants to get clarity, focus or direction in areas of your life

·         Wants to learn powerful goal setting techniques that enables you to be consistently motivated and passionate about achieving your goals

·         Wants to improve your selling skills and be able to handle ALL objections easily and effectively


What will I gain by learning this?

During this introduction you will experience the core principles of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in a simple and easy to understand way.

Then, understand ‘What is NLP?’ and what makes NLP such a valuable tool to learn and use.

We cover some fundamental techniques such as defining Outcomes, Anchoring and we introduce you to Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis as powerful interventions. We then discuss how to use NLP techniques to be able to quickly build rapport with anyone you choose.

Finally we share with you techniques around how to take control of your own brain and have it begin to do what you want it to do.

This online seminar will give you the information and practical experience you need to decide to learn NLP and begin using it.

Open to all, these regular workshops invite you to dip your toe into the world which lies behind the highly intriguing title of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.

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