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If you are in the "church world," chances are you have heard the term "missional." And you may be asking yourself some of these questions:

"What does missional really mean?"

"Am I missional?" "If not, how can I learn to be missional and find my 'sweetspot,' and my          calling and my strengths in ministry?"

"Is my church a missional church? I think it is, but how do I really know?"

Well, this conference/workshop is all about helping you find your missional "sweetspot" or what we like to call your "sweetspotness!" (I know a chunky word but we think it will catch on!)

This unique conference is more of a workshop, a missional "workference."  Being a workference, those participating should come with some pre-conference assessments already completed (APEST & Stengthfinders).

If you register for this weekend "workference", your church (pastor, leadership team, etc.) can take the pre-workference -mPulse (Missional Pulse) on Friday afternoon (November 13) starting at 1p.m. for FREE!

mPulse assessment and workshop will help your church find it's missional pulse and evaluate if your church is truly missional. This pre-workforence will also give you the tools you need to help your church to become missional. (The mPulse assessment is required before participation.)

Total cost of individual assessments (not including the weekend conference) is about 35 bucks. For the church mPulse assessment (pre-conference assessment workshop) it is $35. (This is a comprehensive church evaluation & assessment.)


Who will be leading this "Workference?" Leadership Vision Consulting.

Where can I get a bigger overview of what this missional thing is all about? Click HERE.

Where can I get more info, interact with people & ask question about the OneChurch Conference? HERE.

What do these assessments costs?

APEST is $10

mPulse is $35 (for entire church diagnostic)

Strengthfinders is $14-$20 (depending on where you buy the book. You must by the book Now Discover Your Strengths to get code.

What is the TOTAL Cost for me?  The total cost of the weekend if you have not taken the assessment before would be about $85. Broken down that is $35 for the assessments that you would pay for a take prior to the conference, and then $50 for the actual conference. (Don't forget to email you results of APEST & StrengthFinders to Include name and church name.)

What do I do with all my assessments once I have taken them? (APEST & Strengthfinders) Please email the results along with your church name to

Can I make other payment arrangements? Yes! If you are looking for other payment arrangements, let us know by sending an email to

Name Sales End Price Fee
OneChurch09   Ended $50 $3.74

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