You are cordially invited to the Party of the Year!  Really.  I'm totally NOT Exaggerating ;)  Okay - maybe I'm exaggerating a little...

But you'll kick yourself if you miss this event!  

On January 8th of this year I turned the BIG 3-0 - and to celebrate this momentous occasion I wanted to do something Unique.  Something Memorable.  Something that said I'm BRAVE and FEARLESS and totally okay with not being 20-Something anymore...

But most importantly - I wanted to share this moment with you - my friends.  So I hired a Remarkable company out of San Francisco to plan a Mission Impossible like event around my life.  

Here's the way it works - we'll have 5 or 6 teams.  Each team will get Super Hero Lunch boxes.  Inside each lunch box will be a Digital Camera, Mobile Device, and a Map.  You'll receive missions from Headquarters.  Think of it like Mission Impossible meets a Scavenger Hunt.  

And the whole time you'll be surrounded by actors.  In fact the Barista behind the counter at Starbuck's or the homeless blind guy on the street might in fact be in on the Game.  How crazy paranoid fun is that?

Usually it would cost a whole lot more than $50.00 for you to participate in an event like this - but I'm subsidizing this whole affair because there is nothing I would like more than to have you with me to celebrate my birthday.  I promise it will totally be worth the cost...Oh, and did I mention there are awards & prizes for the winning team?

Anyway, watch the videos below to learn more about The Go Game, and see why this is a not to be missed event.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Name Sales End Price
Secret Agent Ended $50