C4P Oklahoma City Meet-n-Greet

The C4P Sponsored Oklahoma City Meet-n-Greet will be held on September 5, 2009 from 7:00 p.m. until Midnight at a local hotel ballroom.  Hotel rooms are available.   

The event features several cash bars with awesome drink prices.   

Singles will be limited to 5% of total registrations, and we will cut the registrations off when the ballroom is full.



$49 per profile (couple or single) 


$59 per profile (couple or single) 



Rooms are available at the hotel, and hotel reservations can be made directly with the hotel.  The hotel information will be given out to those that register, please keep this information to yourself to protect the discretion of the event.  


Room Rates:


The hotel’s is discounting their regular rates to $69 per room per night, and will honor this rate for regular rooms AND SUITES AS LONG AS THEY LAST.  This rate also includes FREE breakfast (expanded continental). 

To get the discounted rates, simply tell the reservation clerk that you are with the C4P group.


Event Rules:

***You MUST BE 21 or OLDER to ATTEND!!
***Ladies please bring something to cover up with when leaving the banquet room!!! (This
is just if you are dressed risqué or see thru)  

****Please respect the other hotel guests  

***No coolers or outside drinks can be brought into the banquet room

***NO NUDITY IN EVENT ROOM OR AROUND HOTEL (keep it legal folks)

***No means No (Be respectful of others. There will be a vast mix of people with varying interests and don't assume everyone is in the Lifestyle or a swinger, so please be respectful of those who's interest's may not be the same as yours)


***No Smoking in the banquet room (smoking right outside the door of banquet room.)  

***NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY in the banquet room or common areas of the hotel (Keep it legal folks, take it to your rooms - ZERO EXCEPTIONS.)

***The possession or use of illegal narcotics will NOT be tollerated.  You will be ejected from the event and the hotel without refund if you are found to be in violation of this rule.

***Violations of the event or hotel rules will result in removal from the event and hotel without refund. 

We will continue to keep you posted as more details are finalized. This event is a presentation of LifestyleDelights, LLC, and any event related questions can be sent to us at
events@c4pevents.com.  Be sure to include your C4P screen name in the email!  


Refund Policy:

Event registrations are 100% refundable (less any processing fees we cannot recover) if notice is received by us no later than August 21, 2009. NO REFUNDS after August 21, 2009.  Send notice of cancellation to C4P Events - PO BOX 902083 - Kansas City - MO - 64190, or by email at events@c4pevents.com.  (Notice is not valid until received.)  



The C4P Oklahoma City Meet & Greet is a private function for the express purpose of sharing and communicating ideas concerning human relationships as expressed through human sensuality and sexuality, and 

You expressly acknowledge, agree, and consent to be exposed to conduct consistent with the purpose of the group which may include nudity and adult sexual contact (nudity and sexual contact is NOT allowed at the event), and

You affirmatively state the aforementioned expressive conduct and activity is not offensive or lewd to you, and you will maintain the privacy rights of all others present or involved and shall not reveal the identity of any individual, nor give, loan or sell the name(s) and contact information of any person to any other party, and

You agree not to record any person attending any function, meeting or party by photographic, video, digital, or audio recording devices, and that any and all information concerning the location of functions, meetings or parties, the identity of attendees, or the activities shall not be disclosed to any non-attendees without the express written consent of LifestyleDelights, LLC, C4P Travel, LLC, Midwest-Events, LLC, C4P.com, LLC, and each and every other attendee at this event, and

You agree that any fees or charges paid to LifestyleDelights, LLC, C4P Travel, LLC, Midwest-Events, LLC, or C4P.com, LLC are for the not for the operation and maintenance of said event, but rather a membership fee paid for membership in the Meet-n-Greet Club (a non-local private membership organization for the promotion of the swinging lifestyle) whose next regular meeting is described above, and

You agree not engage in any illegal activity of any type at any function, meeting or party including, but not limited to, possession or use of controlled substances, possession or use of illegal drugs, offering or accepting any type of consideration for any sexual activity, any sexual activity prohibited by the State of Oklahoma or the City of Oklahoma City, the use of any threat or coercion, the unauthorized harmful or offensive contact with any other person and any act that would endanger the health and well being of any other person present at any function, meeting or party of LifestyleDelights, LLC, C4P Travel, LLC, Midwest-Events, LLC, or C4P.com, LLC, and

You expressly agree to expressly waive any liability of LifestyleDelights, LLC, C4P Travel, LLC, Midwest-Events, LLC, C4P.com, LLC, the organizer(s), volunteer(s), vendor(s), participants, and attendees, and hold LifestyleDelights, LLC, C4P Travel, LLC, Midwest-Events, LLC, C4P.com, LLC, the organizer(s), volunteer(s), vendor(s), participants, and attendees harmless for any injury or loss that you may sustain as a result of, or during your attendance or participation in, any event during any function, meeting, or party hosted by LifestyleDelights, LLC, C4P Travel, LLC, Midwest-Events, LLC, or C4P.com, LLC, and

You agree that we reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation, and that we maintain the right to order any one to leave for any reason without cause or explanation without refund of any charges, and

You expressly agree that by registering for the C4P Oklahoma City Meet-n-Greet does hereby constitute an express agreement with the terms and conditions set forth above, as well as the Rules, which may be found in the rules section for yourself and any other person for which you are acting as an agent and those terms and conditions which may be presented to you in the future as an amendment to this agreement, and

You agree that this agreement is reasonable and the entire contents, including all sections, paragraphs, and portions therein are understood by you and that any one portion that is found to be inconsistent with law or legal precident does not invalidate the remaining sections of this agreement.    

Name Sales End Price Fee
EARLY BIRD Couple   Ended $49 $1.23
EARLY BIRD - Single   Ended $49 $1.23
LATE BIRD Couple   Ended $59 $1.48
LATE BIRD   Ended $59 $1.48

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