Ohmstead Music Festival

new gate ticket pricing

$40 at the gate

($30 on Saturday only)


Coming from Cincinnati?

IGNORE ALL THE DETOUR SIGNS FOR Rt. 27 up near Oxford...they don't matter

cash only at the festival

Gates open @ 3pm Friday Aug. 21st

please don't arrive before then, you will be turned away

Gates close at 2AM both nights


children under 12 free



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Hannon's Camp America

hannons camp america

Featured Bands

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The Ohmsboth nights

reggae/rock/funk jam

Dave (lead vocals/guitar) Chet (drums) and Jeff (percussion) are founding members of the old Four Ohms. Four Ohms started Ohmstead Music Festival back in 2001 to provide an alternative to bars and clubs, getting outside and ragin', & giving fresh bands (jncluding themselves) a chance to rock to a righteous audience. Since then, Four Ohms broke up, but the afformentioned 3 called upon local bass maniac Psycho D (Black & Tan Carpet Band, Noctaluca) to keep on as The Ohms. The Ohms have shared the stage with many acts including Badfish, Steel Pulse, JGB w/Melvin Seals, Foreigner and Bad Company. They get down with a unique and funky reggae/rock hybrid that gets the booty movin'!The Ohms just released their 1st EP "Resistance" and are dilligently at work on a full length album.

Mike Perkins

Mike Perkins

Saturday @ 10:15PM acoustic/folk rock

Band Members

Mike's debut solo album, Sway, features several talented musicians from the Columbus, Ohio area. Guests include Ward Scott and Robb McCormick of The Shantee (bass/keyboards), Jerry DePizzo of O.A.R. (saxophone), Megan Palmer (violin), John Zuck (bass) and Dave Weissman (mandolin). In early 2007, the original Shantee keyboardist, Randy Browne, reunited with Mike after three years. Randy now performs at every Mike Perkins show. West-African drummers "Sogbety" Diomande and "Papa" often make an appearance as well, along with local drummer Chris Beal.

AnHonestTune.com says, "Mike sings as he illuminates the shining light of love that beams through us all. Scat singing, strumming his acoustic, and carrying his festive numbers through several different musical phrasings, Perkins' performance launches himself into the hallowed category of artists on the fringe of breaking out to a wider audience."Relix Magazine quotes, "In Mike Perkins, the group has a distinctive singer while the band rocks along with integrity and class."



Saturday @ 8PM rock n roll

"an unbranded stampede of arena-sized riffs, Jazz Fusion complexity and Prog Rock grandeur..."

~ Ezra Waller, CityBeat

Classic Rock Magazine called noctaluca "the cream of some of the new talent emerging today in terms of songsmithery...There are echoes of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, and yes GNR". Following the cult successs of their 2006 debut "Towering the Sum", noctaluca's latest studio release "Still the Wicked Rest" unabashedly embarks into the deeper and darker reaches of America's post-traumatic psyche, holding no punches along the way. From its provocative cover art to the politically spearheaded lyricism and an overall sound redolent of Vietnam-era rock, "Wicked" blows the dust from one of rock n' roll's greatest forgotten inventions: the protest song - and hot-wires it for its own retributive aims.

While many bands are masters of their domain in the studio and can create superior sounding records, often these same bands can fall short in the live arena. But noctaluca consistently has outgunned their own ingenuity in the studio by putting on feverish live performances that at once can mimic the sonic enormity of their records with astounding accuracy while still tapping into a constant and thrashingly turbulent spirit of spontanaeity that consistently earns them the unblinking and devoted wonderment of the audience, no matter how young or old.

Mia Carruthers

Mia Carruthers & the Retros

Friday @ 10PM acoustic/folk

Mia Carruthers was recently featured on MTV's "Taking The Stage". After turning down several record deals, she graduated from Cincinnati's Scool of the Creative & Performing Arts, and has put together her own band: The Retros. She is a rising star, and Ohmstead is proud to showcase the band at Ohmstead 2009!

Background: Family moved from West Chester Township to Cincinnati for Mia to enroll at SCPA as a freshman. Since then she has performed at area coffee houses. Mia comes from a musical family: Her brother, Alex, plays guitar in her band, Mia Carruthers and the Retros. Her singer-songwriter father years ago recorded three albums with Jackbone, a Zanesville rock band.



Rumpke Mountain Boys

Friday LATE NIGHT trashgrass/bluegrass

Founded in 2000 the Rumpke Mountain Boys have spent almost a decade developing their very unique style of Jamgrass. Their spontaneous live shows draw from an evergrowing list of originals mixed with songs from nearly every genre of music. Using bluegrass instruments the Rumpkes intertwine over a century of music, from traditional mountain music to Tom Waits, Jimmy Cliff, John Hartford, The Grateful Dead and everything in between. Based out of Cincinnati, the Rumpke Mountain Boys have appeared at Tall Stacks, Paddle Fest, River Town Breakdown, and many other local events. They have also performed at Hookaville, Terrapin Hills, and hosted Snugglefest & currently co-produce Shamy Bash. Rumpke also headlined the OU Halloween party in Athens, to a receptive crowd of thousands of costume clad party goers. Their efforts have earned them mutltiple CEA(Cincinnati Entertainment Award) nominations and awards. Their first studio album, Family Perspective, is available now.


Jones For Revival

Jones For Revival

Saturday LATE NIGHT Jam/Band/Fusion

Jones For Revival started in the summer of 2004. From the beginning the intention of the band was to try to revive the music scene with fresh, no rules, upbeat jams that everyone could enjoy. Throughout the journey the band has strengthened their ability to project a positive vibe to their listeners and has gained a following of loyal fans who share the same musical understanding and appreciation as they do.

Jones For Revival's live show captures the audiences attention. From the double sax solo's to the mind bending guitar improvisation music lovers can't help but groove to the unique sounds.

"Jones For Revival is a "jam band" par excellence, tightly cohesive throughout their musical explorations."
The Professor - MVLivemusic.com - (9/5/08

The League Of Proper musicians

League Of Proper Musicians

Saturday @ 6PM funk/rock/fusion

The League of Proper Musicians does not have an image, they are not aspiring rock stars, they do not style their hair or paint their finger nails, they do not adhere to the tired and outdated "sex drugs and rock and roll" paradigm. The League of Proper Musicians did not learn poses and stage moves from MTV. They play music. They play funky music with big giant balls. They play music that makes people stop and listen, then hearken back to the days when musicians had to play well to make an album or get a gig, when it was a good thing not to sound like other bands. That originality can be heard in the two albums produced by The League in 2008. They're self-titled album brings together humor and groove in songs like "The Divine Bovine Conquest" and "Onion Loaf Shirt" while showing progressive meter bending chops and prowess in "Devils Meat." The League's second and latest album, Mini Sharks, saw lineup changes that built and expanded upon their already eclectic sound. Mini Sharks takes the listener on a musical odyssey that makes frequent stops in the lands of funk with "Stand Bye", "Vaginamight", Latin fusion "Guermo y Jave", and the progressive rock ode to Cleveland Cavalier great Larry Nance in "Blocked by Nance." It all comes together to create, as one fan put it, "That community dance vibe." That vibe can be best witnessed in their honest, soulful live show that often culminates with a sweaty crowd cavorting in obscene ways. Their performances will inspire, titillate and/or disgust even the most novice or cultured musical fan. It is a spectacle not likely to be replicated by other mortal bands anytime soon. Listen to them; see them; try to be them, try to be with them. You will not be disappointed.


Rusty Van Band

Friday @ 8PM Jam Rock/Funk


Under The Sun

Under The Sun

Friday @ 6PMpsychedelic jam

Under the Sun is a 6-piece JamBand from Columbus, Ohio. “The music sounds like something right out of the sixties.” – Tim Berger, Exceptional Sounds. Each member brings a different style to the band including Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Groove, and Psychedelic elements that create a unique sound that their audience looks for. Under the Sun is making their way into the JamBand scene and host’s The Peace Through Music festival in Bellefontaine, Ohio at the Zane Shawnee Caverns. It's a Benefit for the Shawnee United Remnant Band and the land of the Zane Shawnee Caverns. Get a Free Under the Sun demo CD with original songs and new material. It's always on the way!

Lemon G

Lemon G

Saturday @ 4PM Rock/Blues/Funk



Saturday @ 2PM Rock/Blues/Jam

Grooveshire is an Ohio born band dedicated to quality song writing.
Their unique tone of “Louisiana Bayou Grunge” makes them one the most
energetic and established acts north of the Mason Dixon Line.
Grooveshire is a Midwest rock band on the rise. Their unique style
places them comfortably into numerous markets around the country,
enabling them to frequently venture into both familiar and unfamiliar
places with a warm and receptive response.

website address - http://www.grooveshire.com

Zachary Burns Band

Friday @ 5pm in the Funhouse Roots Rock/Folk

The Zachary Burns Band is a two-piece that plays high energy
and heavily improvised rock-n-roll.



Saturday @ HIGH NOON Reggae/Dub Hip-Hop

and a special fire performance by


Incendium Arts

Saturday immediately following Noctaluca

check out the Ohmstead 2009 music Player on our myspace page:


Back by popular demand! The giant inflatable slip n' slide!

Extreme Karaoke with prizes @

Karas Krazy Funhouse

body painting, massage table, Psycho Science Lab, dance party, metal hour, more TBA


Tasty food vendors

Creative craft vendors

What To Bring

Here is what we recommend you bring for the duration of your stay:

- CASH - no one will be accepting credit cards at Ohmstead
- Camping Gear (tent, tarp, sleeping bags, etc. purchase camping items from thrift stores and garage sales or borrow gear from friends or family)
- Clothing with a hood
- Extra pair of shoes/sneakers
- Pancho/Raingear
- Bug Spray without Deet
- Blanket for seating
- Sunscreen
- A hat for shade
- A bandanna
- Sunglasses
- Aluminum or stainless steel container (or two!) for water
- Biodegradable plastic bags for trash, compost, and recyclable materials
- Extra toilet paper from recycled material (just in case)
- Lantern/Flashlight with extra batteries
- Portable Radio
- Flag or balloon to identify your campsite
- Small luggage lock for your tent (please don't bring any valuables if you must, keep them locked in your vehicle out of view)
- Earplugs
- Camera
- Pen and paper for names, addresses, memories, and setlists!
- Extra set of keys to keep with you at all times (Avoid keeping keys in your car!)
- Vehicle Key Code (this will cut down on the time it takes for the locksmith to duplicate your key if you lose it)
- Organic, local, food with as little packaging as possible
- Phosphate and sulfate free soaps detergents and shampoos
- Smokers - bring an ashtray! Every cigarette butt you throw on the ground, we have to pick up!!!!

What Not to Bring

- Weapons of any kind
- Fireworks
- Illegal Substances
- Bicycles or scooters or personal motorized vehicles will not be permitted into the festival grounds
(This includes, but is not limited to: golf carts, ATV's motor scooters, and powered skateboards).
- Plastic grocery bags
- Styrofoam coolers
- Avoid bringing unnecessary items that become pesky waste (sequins, silly string, confetti, balloons, packing peanuts, etc.)
- GLASS CONTAINERS OF ANY KIND! (This includes, but is not limited to: glass bottles, glass food jars, and anything made of glass). Anyone with glass bottles will be asked to purchase a plastic cup and keep the botles in their cooler (empty or not) refusal to do so will result in ejection from the event. NO REFUNDS - NO EXCEPTIONS

Name Price Fee
Ohmstead Pre-Sale Ticket   $35 $0.99

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