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“How to Attract All the Brides You Need in Your Wedding Business”

Do you struggle with getting brides consistently and constantly into your wedding business? Do you need a marketing plan that works efficiently AND is cost  effective? Do you need to systematize your marketing to save you time and  increase results?

During this recession, businesses are closing their doors left and  right, and entrepreneurs are scared to death, but there’s no need to  be. If you’re not getting enough brides and not making enough money,  it’s simply because you’re not using the right formula for your  business model. Nothing more

In our signature talk: “How to Attract All the Brides You Need in Your  Wedding Business,” I will teach you how to get more brides, make more  money, and have more freedom in your business. Not only will you survive this economy, but you will learn to thrive and become WILDLY Successful... right now!

You will learn...

  • How to get clear on your target market
  • How to become specialized in your area of expertise and be yourself to real in the brides.
  • How to create a clear, compelling marketing message to brides
  • How to become the expert in their eyes!
  • Create a website that sells
  • Utilize 3-D Marketing to get brides and vendors’ attention
  • Use Direct Mail Campaigns to get more brides
  • How to use networking to get your name out there fast
  • How to build relations with your paid and non-paid sales force to book  more brides
  • How to Close the Sale efficiently and effectively every time

Renee Grannis, Master Bridal Consultant, Ethics & Compliance Director for ABC


In 2010, Renée Grannis, a Master Bridal Consultant™, will celebrate her 40th year in the wedding industry and she is still going strong! Her original business was a one-stop shop employing up to 28 vendors and eight consultants at any one time. If a bride wanted something, Renée found a way to sell it. Customer Service was always number one in her company. She joined ABC in 1985 and attended her first annual conference in San Francisco with 17(?) other lucky members! Shortly thereafter, she started receiving phone calls from aspiring consultants who got her contact information from Jerry Monaghan. After a couple of months of spending hours on the phone with new members, she assisted ABC in developing training seminars. And New Horizons and Expanding Horizons were born! After a couple of years of  teaching seminars with Jerry and Eileen Monaghan, Renée was appointed the Education Director and went out to conduct up to 30 seminars a year for ABC for 19 more years.

In 2007, she was moved over into a new, but necessary, part of the association as Director of Ethics and Compliance. At State Coordinators' request, she is participating in meetings and conferences to remind and educate both members and nonmembers on the ethics of the industry.

To keep her wedding skills current, she has recently formed an important partnership with another consultant. And because teaching is in her blood, she has a new company specifically geared to teach new and seasoned consultants and brides on the important features of the industry. And in her spare time with ABC, she has also been a state coordinator for Virginia and for Texas!

Renee will be going through with us some very specific details about:

  • Contracts and Setting Fees
  • Ethics In Business

 Renee is also offering private consultations.  There will be an area where members ONLY can make a one hour appointment to ask any type of questions or cover any type of situation. The charge $75 an hour for that opportunity. Please contace Renee directly at to set up your appointment. 


Room Block: Marriott Greensboro Downtown call 336-379-8000 or 800-228-9290 and ask for reservation under "Assocition of Bridal Consultants State Meeting Block" to receive room discount to $99.  Address: 304 North Greene Street, Greensboro, NC 27410.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Member before September 1 Ended $99 $3.46
Non Member before September 1 Ended $149 $4.71
Member After September 1 Ended $149 $4.71
Non Member After Sept 1 Ended $199 $5.97

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