September Organizational Constellation Workshop

Welcome back to our first OC SIG workshop after the summer.  I am looking forward to seeing eveyone there to explore the power of organizational constellations. After a short review of the process and maybe a constellation exercise we will jump right into doing constellations on your business challenges and opportunities.

Come the workshop and learn about and experience this important new OD tool.  As a participant you may have the opportuntity to work on a professional issue or business challenge. As an OD consultant  you can learn more about this new, cutting edge process and how it could be of help to your clients.

The theme of the September workshop will be dealing with conflict in the workplace. Have you ever had a difficult relationship with a co-worker, boss, direct report or client? Was the reason for the conflict never clear to you? Have you seen conflicts between different departments or groups in the same organization? The cause may have been clear but did the solution remain mystery?  Working systemically we will see if we can uncover the insights that lead to understanding and even solutions.   



Here are some comments about previous OC SIG workshops:

“Thank you for such a good workshop.  I enjoyed the exercises we did and learned an entirely new technique  -- something you can not often say about an experience when you've been around for along time !

I really appreciate your so generously sharing your expertise with us.  It is amazing to me that people - who don't know each other, and with very little information - can use this process and actually discover what' s not working in a situation -  -  something that too often does not happen after eons of analysis !   I enjoyed meeting everyone and I had a good time too!”

“Thanks so much for introducing us to Constellation work.  It was good to actually walk away with some insights.  It's impressive stuff and your facilitation was superb.” 


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