Dear Sponsors,


Let me introduce myself, my name is Raphael Moraglia, aspiring filmmaker (director of photography). Trying to be innovative, I am currently searching for kind sponsors in the fields of photography and films. I'd like to be one of the next students of the prestigious New York Film Academy, and to do so, I am running the fundraising campaign  "Best Cinematography !". The goal is to fund my tuitions for the 6 semesters at my school. It is very challenging, and you can't imagine how motivated and dedicated I am, and will be !


During my training, 6 short films, one music video, one commercial production and 2 feature length films (1 as director, 1 as director of photography) will be produced, shooted and edited. Every aspect of the craft skills will be treated and mastered.I want the feature length film as director of photography being very innovative, and a tremendous tribute to Hungarian Director of Photography John Alton, one of the most Brilliant DP in '50s Hollywood in the very exciting genre, Film noir, and I'd like to apply his famous quote "Painting with light". Here my bigger challenge ! The film will be shooted in 35mm, sepia tone. You'll find an abstract further.

Your involvement, your support, and your generosity is essential, critical, to reach this wonderful goal. You will start up everything regarding my career, my passion, my vocation since I was a kid, and my ability to express my artistic vision.


For your support, I will send you free invitations for my first feature length film premiere. For every ticket ($25) bought, one invitation available for 3 guests will be sent. More, in term of communication, this venture, because of your support, will lead into international notoriety. You will benefit from this in term of image and fame.

Hoping that you will be my very next sponsor, I may suggest you to get your support ticket. You just need to click on the "Checkout" button, and follow the instructions. Let me remind you that you don't need to have or open a paypal account, just your credit/debit card is enough. If you need further instructions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Once again, thank you so much in advance for your support !


Raphael Moraglia.

Wednesday Night

Abstract of my first feature film project

New York, November 2nd, 1928. Prohibition is in full swing. The movie fades in with the Police Department of New York. A young girl, Wednesday, 19yo, was arrested and booked for the murder of her entire family. But there is very few evidences. Inspector Buckner tries to unravel the case, which will complicate, When Joseph Walsh, a journalist from the New York Times; clearly takes position for her. since he would have belonged to a prohibitionist lobby during the vote on the Volstead Act, in undeclared order to get enrichment through the underground economy that would ensue, like speakeasies. Widely suspected, the most famous duo of prohibition agents, Izzy and Moe, had to keep an eye on him, even after they were kindly led to quit. Worse, Arnold Rothstein, "Big Bankroll" who fixed the 1919 World Series, interferes in the case. Cheating, Underground casinos, betting frauds and disturbing bookmakers, on the eve of the US presidential Election pitting Republican Herbert Hoover against Democrat Al Smith, just thicken this Film Noir, where the troubling Gloria King, charming diva and muse "shared" by Joseph Walsh and Arnold Rothstein, will, against all odds, answer  the riddle in an epic and thrilling end, unveiling at the same time a scabrous and knotty case in Chinatown 20 years ago, the "Trunk Mystery". Mixing real historical figures and fictional characters, historical facts and fiction, this "neo-noir" film may be relolutely innovative, alterning moments of investigation, prohibition clichés, glamour, humor, and the structure of thriller and atmosphere films. Shot in 35mm Sepia toned, the clear ambition is to express moods and emotions through light or, in the words of the DP Master John Alton "Painting with light".


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Together, let's support Raphael Moraglia, The very next Director of Photography   Ended $25 $0.99

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