NRC’s 27th Annual Congress & Expo


The NRC Congress & Exposition is considered to be the premier national education and networking event for recycling professionals.


The City of Pittsburgh is a perfect symbol for this year's Congress Theme: Innovation. The city, once pictured as little more than black smoke stacks has transformed itself, through innovation and leadership, to "America's Most Livable City" with a verdant waterfront and a thriving civic culture.

Innovation is also at the center of revitalizing our shared future in a sustainable economy and environment. Recycling remains an evolving American success story, and with ingenuity and leadership, we continue to build our environmental future.

Policy: Climate change and energy policy require us to look at the policy dynamics that are the foundation of our recycling programs.

Management: Communities and businesses everywhere are focusing on best management practices and continuous improvement programs to ensure that recovery programs are optimized for performance and value. Corporations world-wide have recognized that environmental sustainability, and its recycling component, are central to the corporate purpose.

Finance: We see the possibility for new means to finance recycling, from the proven models of PAYT, to the innovations in incentive-based recycling and the product stewardship models of e-recycling. In addition, we see climate change as a springboard for new investment in recycling infrastructure to realize, monetarily, the energy and greenhouse gas emissions reductions of recycling.

Technology: To keep pace with the changing nature of our products and packages, and to establish a durable business model for materials recovery.

Education: We are learning how to better educate our citizenry, from where all recycling starts. The time is ripe for a great national campaign of environmental awareness and consistent environmental behavior. With innovative research and education programs, we truly can change the world, one container or newspaper at a time.