"Whidbey Island, WA Novel Writers Workshop" Sat 11/07/09


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Bob Mayer

Bob is a NY Times best-selling author with 40 books published. He speaks and consults based on his lastest book, Who Dares Wins. He is a West Point graduate, served in the Infantry and Special Forces (Green Berets): leading an Infantry platoon and then Battalion and then Brigade level Reconnaissance platoons; commanding an A-Team and as a Special Forces battalion operations officer; commanded a training company, and was an instructor at the JFK Special Warfare Center & School at Fort Bragg. He also served in Special Operations Western Command on a variety of classified assignments. He has been studying, practicing and teaching change, team-building, leadership and communication for over thirty years.


Class Saturday from 9a - 6p (60 Minute Lunch Break)



YOUR Novel:  Idea, Conflict, Story and Pitching (maximum of 11 slots)


Want a NY Times Best-Selling Author to take in in-depth look at your idea, story, and writing? Here's your chance to show me what you've got.

Limited in size, this all day workshop kicks off with an individualized critique of your cover letter, synopsis, and first ten pages. Then, using the synergy of the group, we spend the day exploring your content while searching for ways to make your novel the best it can be.

How do we accomplish this?

  • We mine your material for your one-sentence idea.
  • Ensure your story has a core conflict lock.
  • Scrutinize the integrity of you plot.
  • Examine your writing and voice.
  • Make certain all three of these critical aspects-conflict, plot, voice-are aligned to maximize characters and storyline.

In order to allow you, the writer, to focus on your submission critique, Bob will send you his eight-hour DVD presentation on how to write and sell your novel. This lecture series will provide you the mental preparation necessary to maximize your time during the Writers' Workshop.

Regardless whether you've finished your novel, are just getting started, or haven't yet placed pen to page, Bob's Writers' Workshop can make the most of your idea, talent, and time.


So let's review: You will receive copies of THE NOVEL WRITERS TOOKKIT and WHO DARES WINS, Bob's eight-hour DVD on how to write & sell your novel and a personal submission critique on your cover letter, synopsis, and first ten pages--over $200 in value alone!


Bob is also teaching a "Writer-Warrior" Workshop at the same place on Sunday, November 8 (link), which focuses on how to be the best writer possible.  Sign up for both and you can get the second class for $50 off.  Don't miss your chance to sit and learn from a best-selling author!  Click here for hotel information, if needed (link).  Seize your chance, sign up now!

Name Sales End Price
Early Registration Deposit - Only Sat 11/07 Novel Writers' Workshop   Ended $100
Early Registration Deposit - Both Sat 11/07 Novel & Sun 11/08 Warrior   Ended $175
Early registration discount - Both Sat 11/07 Novel Writers' & Sun 11/08 Warrior-Writer Workshops   Ended $325
Rgular Registration Saturday Only 11/07 Writers Workshop Ended $200
Regular Registration Saturday and Sunday 7-8 Nov, both workshops Ended $375

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"Whidbey Island, WA Novel Writers Workshop" Sat 11/07/09

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