Hands On PR/Social Media Free Weekend Bootcamp for Non Profits

Hands On PR/Social Media Free Weekend Bootcamp for Non Profits
February 21-22, 2009 / 9am-4pm- Phoenix, Arizona

Communicating with others has expanded beyond traditional media like TV, radio and print.  What does it take to get on your local TV station or in the local paper? And what about this social media stuff…Facebook, Twitter, Blogs…how do you even grasp all these new ways to communicate? Every day, people are telling you why you and your non-profit SHOULD be using social media, but no one is telling you HOW to use it.

In this 2 day intensive workshop, students will actively participate in learning how to find the right way to get their message heard, including new techniques for public relations and social media. Whether you have an in house marketing and pr department or you’re a staff of one, you always need to be a brand ambassador. We’ll start at the beginning- the only qualifications you need are an eagerness to learn. You’ll be taught by two practitioners with a history of success in the field and a storied history with non-profits.

In two days, learn real life techniques for finding a news pitch and getting it heard, managing your message, and communicating with the press. You’ll learn to create, use and manage your Passpack, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. Lastly, you’ll create and learn how to use a Wordpress blog, as well as be given the Press Center theme for wordpress, so your non-profit can build an online press center. Want more specifics? Check out our schedule, then register for either one or both days.


Day 1 (Saturday, February 21, 2009) 9am-4pm:

How to get awareness and credibility for your business through the media:

  • What is PR?
  • What is a press release and what is a “pitch”?
  • NEWs worthy ideas
  • S.W.O.T. out an idea
  • Basic outline of press release
  • Added value for your pitches
  • How the media works and how to reach them
  • How to make your release work for you beyond traditional media
  • Free ways to spread the word online
  • Do’s and Don’ts after you get the press

Social Media Considerations:

  • “Social” Media- what makes it social?
  • Living in the Cloud - What does it mean?
  • Who’s using social media?
  • Using Social Media offensively/defensively
  • Dispelling the urban myths of Social Media- is it safe?
  • How do you separate personal and business use?
  • Forming a social media policy

Day 2 (Sunday, February 22, 2009) 9am-4pm:

  • Intro to Passpack
    setting up your account
    choosing safe passwords
    daily password habits
    keeping your online identity safe
  • Intro to Flickr
    creating an account
    uploading your first photo
    tagging photos
    creating sets
    using flickr tools
    linking to photos
  • Intro to Facebook
    setting up your account
    choosing a name
    privacy settings
    uploading images
    adding Facebook applications
    adding Facebook friends
    forming Facebook Groups
  • Intro to Myspace
    setting up your account
    choosing a unique URL
    privacy/comment/friend settings
    adding myspace widgets
    using myspace bulletins
  • Intro to Twitter
    setting up your account
    choosing a name
    adding friends
    how to access twitter
    how to use summize
  • Intro to Wordpress
    setting up an account on wordpress.com
    choosing a theme
    adding a post
    editing a post
    approving comments
    adding widgets
    the press center theme
  • How do different social media tools work together?

Name Sales End Price Fee
Day 1 (Public Relations) Pass   Ended $25 $0.99
Day 2 (Social Media) Pass   Ended $25 $0.99
Free Weekend Pass for Non Profits - Sat. & Sun. Ended Free
Free Sat. Pass for Non Profits Ended Free
Free Sun. Pass for Non Profits Ended Free

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