No Definition Necessary

International, award winning, BET J Lyric Cafe, spoken word entertainer,

Rai Renea


Renea L. Moss

performs in a full spoken word concert,

 No Definition Necessary

a full concert featuring band, violinists, dancers, singers and special guest performers

Anaiyah, Eric Stinnett, Jody Hill and Deep Fried Funk Band.

Opening acts include 2X HBO Def Poet, International Slam Poet

Will 'Da Real One'

Don't miss the reception featuring refreshments catered by

Be Organic Miami



What do others say about Rai Renea?

"This poet embodies the song 'WOMAN'........"  Raheim DeVaughn, Lyric Cafe Season 3, BET J

"In 2000, they were asking who is Jill Scott, this they will be saying, who is Renea L. Moss" 

                                                                                          Miami New Times

"Let's enjoy her for awhile until she gets too big, yes Rai you will. You gotta star behind YOU!


"In my opinion, Rai is the long lost member of Floetry. As soon as I heard her, I said to myself, Floetry needs a 3rd member and Rai should definitely be that one."

                                                                                         Urban Media Magazine

"What happens when you take Erykah Badu's words and Jill Scott's presence, you get Renea L. Moss."

                                                                                        Demas, Radio Personality,

                                                                                        Host of Funk Jazz Lounge

Name Sales End Price Fee
General Admission Regular Sale Ended $15 $0.99
Early Bird Multiple Tickets (2 tickets for 15.00) Ended $15 $0.99
Labor Day Week Early Bird Ticket ( 2 for $20.00) Ended $20 $0.99
Early Bird Ended $10 $0.99
Labor Day Week Early Bird Ticket Special Ended $12 $0.99

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