NLP Practitioner Certification Training in Bath, Somerset

2 part course: 8th to 11th January and 16th to 18th January 2009

NLP Practitioner Certification Course in Bath, run from a comfortable and safe training facility in central Bath.


Pre course study and 7 day practical Accelerated NLP course throughout the UK. This course is limited to 5 participants.

Accredited by the world recognised ABNLP.

Emma James is a leading UK therapist, author of Rebel Diet, twice world champion and International NLP Trainer who will the teaching this course.

Learn the art of effective language and understand how to communicate efficiently with other people increasing personal and business negotiation. Understand your own limitations and see them in others with the added advantage of being able to remove them creating optimum performance in your career, personal and sport future.

Read people more effectively and be able to see and hear the key insights into what motivates and interests each person

Have blocks and limiting decisions removed and have work done with you whilst learning the vital core NLP techniques.

Ensure you move forward with unhindered motivation and be able to see clearly the decisions you need to make for the future you want.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of the

valuable information and skills you will take away from our NLP Trainings so please take a look at our Practitioner course information for further information.

Special discount for early booking £900


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Early booking discount Ended £900 £4.95

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