2nd Annual NEMF 3/28/09

Second Annual New England Metaphysical Faire

ILN Members come together a few times a year to bring you Community Events intended to raise the awareness of causes near and dear to the hearts of our members and partons. We have held several successful events including the Festival of Fairies Food Pantry Fund, Autism Awareness Concert for 'Able Vision', Home Party Hostess Expo Clothing Drive for Ethiopian Mission, and so much more. Join us on March 28, 2009 for:

SYMPOSIUM of LIGHT & DARKNESS (5-7 PM) (all times approximate)

NEMF 2009

New England Metaphysical Faire Returns to Boston For 'NEMF09"

Dark Sky Productions presents ILN's Second Annual New England Metaphysical Faire, (NEMF), will be held March 28, 2009 at YMCA Theater on Mass Ave in Cambridge from 1-9 PM. All day pass includes Lectures, Workshops, samples, door prizes and metaphysical practitioners from around New England. End the day with the Symposium on Light and a live concert! Boston's own Nona Strega, New York Authors John & Lillee Allee, and special guests come together to discuss the work of Light in Darkness. visit www.IntuitiveLifenetwork.org for info on early bird ticket sales, or call 978-251-0828 for details.Email: contact@IntuitiveLifeNetwork.org

Reiki, reflexology, herbs, stones, metaphysical practitioners, FREE Stone Workshop 'Rock Your World' by Terry Milton, Door Prizes, Lecture by Lori Bruno, SEAWITCH, Rev. John, Author readings and Signings, private readings with New England SEERS, and so much more!!


JHP Studios & Ancient Voices Harmonic Therapy
will grace us with a Group meditation and community healing presentation. To learn more about them go to http://www.didgetherapy.com


Adrianne Brennan

Rev. John & Lillee Allee

Joseph Donlan

** Bill Bean


“Rock Your World is an experiential workshop offered by, “The Stone Lady,” who is also known as Terry Milton. Participants will become aware of uncanny personality traits, similarities, parallels, and characteristics common to stones and crystals and to those who are drawn to particular stones and crystals. Learn to use this “age old” and “new age” awareness to understand similar traits between “Mother Nature” and “Human Nature.” Apply the principles of this insightful tool during practice session as you provide “Stone Readings” to fellow class members!

Students will leave with a beginning knowledge of the basics of Stone Readings, and the profound awareness that, “Stones are to the earth as the heart is to Man!” Feel free to bring a few of your favorite treasures from the Mineral Realms to explore during this workshop!

“Didgeridoo Sound Therapy" is an presented by the world renoun Vibratinal Healer Joseph Carringer who has been playing an Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo for over a decade. Witness him using it as a deep meditative tool as he presents a 25 minute workshop and Calling in the light Meditation.

Herbs for Health with Eleanor

Herbs work with our bodies to gently, yet powerfully nurture and nourish us. Although they might work slower than a single compound pharmaceutical, herbs work more directly to bring about balance to the body as a whole. It’s nice to know that we have a whole arsenal of healing remedies available to us right in our own kitchen!


The Balance of Prosperity

When does one know they have a fulfilling amount of prosperity? Are you aware of your true prosperity or do you fear it? In this workshop Angie D'Anjou will help you to become aware of exactly where you stand in your truth regarding your prosperity. With a simple exercise of awareness you will be started on the path to manifesting a true balance of prosperity.

Numerogoly and Astrology within the Tarot ILN's own SEAWITCH and more!










This event will sell out *** HURRY HURRY HURRY *** Limited Tcikets

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