Post Fact Productions Presents The Original Play: 'NEW.' Acts I & II

In a post-apocalyptic setting, two young and flamboyant socialites, Rachel Kolar & Lauren Brown, are depressed by the bleak state of the aftermath of war.  No longer is there room for extravagance, no longer are there parties and delusions of grandeur. In attempts to glorify the need for excessive materialism they devise a movement of neon colors, empty consumerism, absurd rules of engagement and foppish costumes.  When their movement takes a turn too dark for the pretty pair of dipsomaniacal flamingos, chaos ensues. What is left for our sad debutantes?  The only thing left after destruction, to build a bomb to blow up the world. Lost within the final square-mile of the Earth's natural resources both characters will struggle between adaptation, greed and each other.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Oct 28th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Oct 28th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Oct 29th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Oct 29th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Oct 30th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Oct 30th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Nov 4th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Nov 4th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Nov 5th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Nov 5th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Nov 6th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Nov 6th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Nov 11th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Nov 11th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Nov 12th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Nov 12th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99
Nov 13th Regular Ended $15 $0.99
Nov 13th Union, Student, Senior Ended $12 $0.99

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