Network and Learn: “Get MORE Referrals,MORE New Clients And MORE Repeat Business”

Network and Learn
“Get MORE Referrals,MORE New Clients And MORE Repeat Business”


Catalyst Networking Group


Christian Doria
Referral Marketing Expert
Motivational Speaker

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Generate a Constant Stream of New Clients By Using Proven Referral Systems
That You Can Put on Autopilot!

•Are you a Self Employed Professional?

•Are you a Business Owner with a Sales Team?

•Are you an Association with Members who Sell?

If you are struggling to generate more referrals or you would just like to learn how to take your referral business to the highest level, then you should attend this referral workshop.

In this workshop, you’ll discover:

• How to NEVER have to ask another person face-to-face for a referral ever again while dramatically increasing your
referral business.

• A complete 100% HANDS FREE AUTOMATED system that does all the follow up and relationship building for you while
you sleep.

• The one referral method that consistently gets highly qualified referrals that are eager to do business with you to

• A brain-dead simple referral strategy that one insurance agent has used to become a multi-millionaire and the top
agent in his company (anyone can use this simple system!).

Comments from Former Attendees

I Was Blown Away!

When I attended the Referral Seminar, I was blown away! I didn't expect so many great ideas. I was amazed and how simple the ideas were and how much detail was given. Rob Lopez, Lopez Insurance Agency, Houston, TX

Unique Referral Ideas

I can't say enough about the unique referral techniques as well as the "easy to understand" way they are presented! I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone who is serious about their business. Ted Colton Celestial Ceilings, Coarsegold, Ca

Take Business To New Heights

The Referral Seminar opens one's eyes to a whole new powerful way of doing business that most people overlook and so miss one heck of a way to quickly take any type of business to new heights without much effort or expense. Michael Fouabi Staten Island, NY


The Support Center
305 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY
11th Floor Training Room

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Christian's Bio

A professional speaker, trainer and consultant for more then ten years, Christian has been helping companies build customers, relationships, and their bottom-line. He has helped businesses both large and small learn how to achieve market dominance through specific sales and referral strategies designed to out-market, outsell, and out service the competition.

Christian has conducted workshops for thousands of business owners and sales professionals on the subjects of referrals, sales strategies, motivation and peak performance. His passion is speaking for and training other sales professionals on the tools and strategies required to take their business to the next level. Prior to founding Advanced Referral Training, Christian was one of the top speakers for Tony Robbins, the world’s leading authority on personal development.

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Event Fee Ended $10

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