October 22, 2009 Nashua Scrum Club Meeting

Scrum Club is a professional organization where people can learn and apply Agile project management and advanced technical practices while giving back to the community.

When: Thursday, October 22, 2009
6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Harbor Homes, Inc
45 High Street
Nashua, NH 03086

6:00 – 7:00 Networking – Free Pizza and beverages!

Round table: Pairing Programmers and Testers, Abby Fichtner, http://www.thehackerchickblog.com/

7:00 – 7:15 Announcements & club updates
7:15 – 8:15

Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects
Johanna Rothman

Johanna Rothman

© 2009 Johanna Rothman

Feel as if you can't get anything done? More projects than time to do them? Crises out the wazoo? Then it's time to consider another approach: managing your project portfolio. You can organize your projects and and evaluate them without getting buried under a mountain of statistics.

Johanna will discuss how to collect all your work, decide which projects you should do first, second—and never. You’ll see how lean and agile approaches fit managing the project portfolio and how they make it easy. We’ll discuss how to tie your work to your organization’s mission and show your board, your managers, and your staff what you can accomplish and when. You’ll get a better view of the work you have, and learn how to make those difficult decisions, ensuring that all your strength is focused where it needs to be.


Johanna Rothman helps leaders solve problems and seize opportunities. She consults, speaks, and writes on managing high-technology product development. She enables managers, teams, and organizations to become more effective by applying her pragmatic approaches to the issues of project management, risk management, and people management.

Johanna publishes The Pragmatic Manager, a monthly email newsletter and podcast, and writes two blogs: Managing Product Development and Hiring Technical People. She is the author of several books: 

  • Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects
  • Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management 
  • Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management (with Esther Derby) 
  • Hiring the Best Knowledge Workers, Techies & Nerds: The Secrets and Science of Hiring Technical People
  • Corrective Action for the Software Industry (with Denise Robitaille)
8:15 – 8:30 Wrap up

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