NAACP SpeedBall Tournament '09'

Speedball Tournament                                                 Date: April 15th @ 5pm

Tournament Breakdown:

The Speedball Tournament is a fundraiser for NAACP 1st College Day.  The tournament will consist of ten - twelve teams with each team having six to eight players.  Tournament play will be at the MAC Westlawn (grass at the back of the MAC).  Teams will need to register by April 13th @ 5pm.

Cost: $6 per team/6 – 8 players  

Speedball Rules:

-          Players

  • Teams consist of six to eight players per team. Team can be mixed gender.

-          Field

  •  Field is 50yds long x 20yds across

-          Game Play

  • Ball is advanced through running or passing.
  • Player that has the ball can run and dodge opposing players until tagged.
  • Once tagged that player must stop and pass the ball to a team member.
  • If ball is dropped or knocked onto the floor it becomes the opposing team possession.
  • You cannot knock the ball out of an opposing players hand but you can bat the ball out of the air.
  • You cannot go through an opposing player.

-          Scoring

  • Goal is 5yds x 5yds
  • Ball must cross line; either by being thrown in to a team member or run in.

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Speedball '09' Ended Free

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