I am not opening my eyes - it's too scary!

Some time ago, I was visiting a friend for a few beers. He and his wife recently had kids and were nervous about their future. As we talked, I soon discovered he was absolutely scared about the future because he saw no growth opportunities in his current career, nor did he have a degree or experience to do anything different. They were definitely feeling the financial pain of newborns and, sadly, there was no real change he could see.


Worse - what if he got laid off?


Off the cuff, I mentioned that maybe he should consider a career doing web design and development. He could make decent money, have challenging/fun work and there was a demand for designers in the field (ps: there is a very good reason why - I'll explain in the class).


At first he hesitated about it, saying he had no "technical" skills... no degree... no time... no money... no resources... no "whatever"..... All very valid reasons for not being involved with the Internet - it seems SO scary!


This is probably what went through his head:

Where and how do I actually begin?

Don't I need a degree?

I am not smart enough...

All the money has been made by Facebooks/Yahoos/Google...

It's too much work...

Everything is being shipped to China and Japan

Computer guys are so mean and arrogant


The more I helped him, the more I realized that he was not the only one feeling this pain.


What this is:

This class is designed to show people what GREAT opportunities are available within the Internet world. It's also designed to explain why there are so MANY opportunities available, even to those with little or no technical experience. We'll go over what's happening in the web software world and how you can benefit from it. We'll have:

1. Case studies of successful (and small!) web businesses (most of you probably have not heard of)

2. Tons of GREAT resources that I have personally used that will get you started immediately

3. A discussion of available career opportunities

4. A small technical overview to introduce you to the language of the internet

5. A small discussion of the political/economic environment that is allowing and driving these changes


What it is NOT:

1. a "Get Rich Quick" scheme

2. a shortcut to success or easy money

3. any kind of marketing program like Amway, pyramid sales/marketing or ponzi schemes

4. how to get venture capital financing (which is potentially a detriment to your endeavors)


Who it's for:

1. Web designers who are stuck and want to advance their careers

2. Professionals in other industries that are stuck, dormant or just want new challenges and growth

3. Hobbyists who are interested in making money online

4. Programmers nervous about their job being outsourced and want to know new technologies

4. People who are generally curious about web opportunities, but have no idea how to start

Come join a great group of curious people as they explore their futures and the opportunities available on the internet!


Thanks for listening,

Mike Freitag :)




About me:

Currently, I am a web professional (technically - a "UI Designer/Developer"). It's just a fancy way to say that I make websites act and feel like you would expect.

I have been doing web design/development for nearly 10 years and am currently with eBay/PayPal. I have built web applications personally and have started 4 startups. I can't stand technical mumbo-jumbo or BS web jargon that no one understands.

I LOVE to see people get excited about the amazing opportunities available and want people to be successful. I fundamentally believe we are living in one of the most exciting times and people have a real chance to create freedom and success they have only dreamed of.


PS: There is a one free drink if you sign up early!

PPS: Please feel forward this invite to anyone who you might know that could get value out of this, thanks for sharing!


PPPS: His story does have a happy ending and he is well on his way to successful future because he cared and was curious. And - he's quite good at what he does now. ;)

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