"My Marriage Sucks"- An Entertaining and Empowering Seminar for Fed Up Wives

Do you sometimes feel as if you married the wrong man?  Are things just not going according to plan?

Is your husband so spiritually minded that he's no earthly good?

Is divorce not an option for you because of your spiritual beliefs or other reasons?

Well, if you answered 'yes" to any of these, then you need to come out for an afternoon of fun and empowerment as Debra Coleman (club owner) breaks down the issues that may be causing your distress.  She will discuss the following:

*How to ignore his irritating habits

*When he doesn't support your goals

*When he appears to be comfortable living in lack

*When he has female friends

*When your sex life goes down the drain

*How to have his back even when you don't like him

*You cheated...He forgave you....Now what?

*When you belong to different churches

*When his driving habits wrecks your nerves

*When you're down to one car or "no" car

*How not to let yourself go

*When you'd rather play with the kids than him

*When you're no longer sleeping in the same bed

*How to keep your dignity in an unaffectionate home 

*When his lack of ambition causes you to lose yours

*How to smile when you want to cuss!

*When you want to badmouth him to others

*How to let him speak his peace even when you know you're right

*If you have multiple baby fathers

*When snooping through his things get you nowhere

*If you think he's cheating but not sure if it's with a man or a woman

*When he makes excuses for not being able to buy you gifts (birthday, Christmas, Valentine's, anniversary, or just because)        

*When he seems the unhappiest, but still won't leave!

*He's been divorced....TWICE before you!

*When you brought "sexy" back, and he still could care less

*When he throws his wedding ring away in anger or just refuses or "forgets" to wear it OFTEN

*When you feel cheated out of a wedding and honeymoon because there wasn't one

*When he refuses to do anything about his snoring problems


*What you can do to turn it all around to make him into the "perfect" man that you thought you had in the beginning. (smile)


Registration includes a Q& A session, refreshments (during break) & movie viewing at the end of the seminar 




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