Seizing the Moment: Why Labour should embrace movement politics

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Rt Hon. David Lammy MP - Minister for Higher Education and Intellectual Property 

Steve Richards - Chief Political Commentator, The Independent

Lisa Jardine - Centenary Professor of Renaissance Studies, University of London

Ted Vallance -  author of A Radical History of Britain and lecturer in Early Modern History, University of Liverpool

Richard Reeves - Director, Demos (Chair)


Demos is pleased to host a speech by the Rt Hon. David Lammy MP on civic mobilization and the power of social movements.


This provocative and timely speech will call for Labour to learn the lessons of the 2008 US election, and to embrace a progressive new politics based on mass civic participation and a renewed vision of a ‘good society’.


Political commentator Steve Richards and scholars Lisa Jardine and Ted Vallance  will discuss movement-based politics and its prospects in the UK, in a debate chaired by Demos’ director Richard Reeves.


RSVP via the link above if you would like to attend. This event is by invitation only. Please contact or 020 7367 6333 for additional information or to inform us of any access requirements.


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Seizing the Moment: Why Labour must embrace Movement Politics

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