If you asked many people this question there would be many things that they say they are unhappy about in their lives, and given the chance would change them. Some of the most common we hear are:

Not happy with my body
Not enough,  more money
Hate my Job or unhappy in my job
Unhappy in my relationship
Don’t like where I live

There are of course many more, have you ever found yourself asking any of the these questions?

Do you often wonder why other people appear to be happier than you, why someone from exactly the same background, age, maybe the same school appears to be happy, successful maybe rich?

One of the reasons why some people are happy and successful in their lives is a positive outlook, they wish for it, focus on it and make it happen.

However many of us are either brought up with or have so much negativity around us, I am sure you would have heard some of the following remarks or answers to your thoughts from friends, family or work colleagues?

You can't run your own business
Why do you want to live their for?
You will never get that job and you could not do it any way.
Stop Dreaming
People like us will never be rich.

One thing in life is for sure, if you don’t take action then results will not happen, the chances are if you listen to or have negative thoughts you will talk yourself out of doing something and then the possibility of the upside will never happen.

Did you ever stop to think about…

  • What if I had gone for that job?
  • What if I had decided to move abroad?
  • What would I be doing now if I had not put up with an unhappy relationship for all of these years?
  • Could I have started my own business?

Well here is some good news, the power of positive thinking is something that you can be taught, there is are techniques and technologies that can assist you in the restricting of change.

Here’s a quick thought for you? If you spent £49.50 on any of the following items would it change your life?

A night out with your friends (maybe 2)
A Meal at an expensive restaurant

Well maybe you might get a short lived uplift but would it really change your lives, the way you feel and act, and in fact if you paid for them on a credit card you could end up paying back far more without seeing any benefits.

What if you could spend £49.50 that could help you start to reevaluate your life, start you on a path of positive thinking that could have a dramatic impact on your life. Help you to evaluate what You Really Want from life.  

Well YOU CAN, I am running a seminar that will help you re-think and re-focus your life.

But before I tell you more here is what some of my past students have to say about my courses.

This was an extremely enthusiastic and energetic day and the whole day was very informative but also great fun.  I will certainly be recommending this seminar to all my friends. 

This changed my life and made me get up and do what I had feared doing.  I am less stressed with my life and more focused on achieving what I set out to do and have found huge success in my life. 


In fact by using these power techniques that I am going to discuss with you, you can even learn to overcome your fears, which of course may be holding you back from the things that you really want to do in your life, see how I helped to change Sarah from Wiltshire’s life.

I attended with Andy due to having a severe phobia with birds.  This was causing me every day anxiety and worry.   I was fortunate to have one on one coaching with him. I  was amazed to find that I no longer fear birds and can even hold one.  My holidays abroad have changed in that I can sit outside and eat a meal without being afraid that birds would come close to the table and I would have to leave.  Also as a result of this personal development I now realise I can achieve a lot more in my life than I thought was possible before this coaching took place. 

Sarah – Wiltshire 

So if you find yourself thinking if only, or if I had the guts to do this or say that then you really must attend this special and unique one day workshop. You will have a great day, meet some good new people and maybe make new friends but most importantly you will leave taking a totally different look at life.  

You are in charge of your destiny and you can make difference to your life.

I will even bring along some past students or surprise guest speaker who  have since moved on to learn what I have taught them and now run their own businesses helping other people,  who knows maybe that is something that would interest you…

Your own boss, work when you want, the great feeling of helping other people, maybe more money than your current job pays?

One thing is for sure, if you don’t at least find out more information or come along then you will never know if this one day workshop for the equivalent price as a night out, an expensive meal could have changed your life, helped you success, taken you to a new happier maybe healthier and wealthier life.

To find out more about the dates and locations of my special one day courses (and please hurry as they sell out Fast. 

This seminar is being held on 3rd October 2009 at The Hilton Hotel, Swindon (just off the M4 Motorway Junction 16) apply to

Good Luck and Best Wishes - See You There.  

Andy Milton
Life Changing Events

Name Sales End Price Fee
Move from Stress to Success Seminar - 03.10.09 Ended £49.5 £1.24

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