5/6 Mother of Invention: Celebrating Businesses Around Parenthood, Childhood and Everything In Between

Wednesday, May 6th 6:30 - 9pm
SMARTY and New Editions 
"Mother of Invention: Celebrating Businesses Around Parenthood, Childhood and Everything In Between"
Please join Amy Swift of SMARTY and New Editions founders Lauren Miller, Jane and Patrick Lakey for
an evening dedicated to parents and entrepreneurship. Did you start a business after becoming a parent? Do you want to? Come share your story with us!

Attendees who have launched as moms will have the opportunity to share their businesses story with the room while mingling with like-minded entrepreneurs, mom's (and dads!), LA movers and shakers and future friends. Celebrate art for kids, meet someone new and share your vision!

Doors open 6:30pm
Speakers begin 7pm
SMARTY members - Complimentary
SMARTY friends and guests - $20

Drop your business card in our hat and win a FREE print from New Editions!
* Snacks will be served.
**If you're an inventor, feel free to bring samples of your inventions or products, so others may benefit from hearing your story.

Name Sales End Price
General Ended $20

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