Biblically-Responsible Investing: What's In Your Wallet?

You are invited to a free informational event for concerned Christian investors!


 Biblically-Responsible Investing...        

What's In Your Wallet?


When:  Tuesday, September 29th at 6:30 PM

Admission:  FREE - Seating is Limited (light refreshments will be provided)

Location:  Offices of FLAM Ministries, 155 Sherway Drive, Suite 4, Knoxville, TN      

                 (behind Harper's Porsche)


If you are a Christian and invest any of your will want to attend this FREE informational event.   Steve Arnold, founder of the Storehouse Advisory Group, East Tennessee's only investment firm specializing in Biblically-Responsible Investing, will explain how you may be unintentionally supporting and profiting from abortion, p0rn0graphy, homose*ual lifestyles, g@mbling and more.

Wouldn't you want to know if you were financially supporting or profiting from the very things you speak out against?  Hosea said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."  In the Christian walk, ignorance is certainly not bliss.  God holds His people accountable for their stewardship, and the most essential element of good stewardship is diligence.

Steve will explain the Biblical principles that led him to found his company, God's design for managing investments, and why has called Faith-Based Investing one of the hottest trends in investing.  Steve's presentation will show you how to impact our culture and have an investment portfolio you can be proud to own - both morally and financially.


Among the topics to be covered:

  • The targeting of American corporations by leftist causes
  • How most mutual funds, annuities and 401(k)s make you a partner in the abortion industry
  • Popular investment strategies that will sabotage your wealth
  • Avoiding the profits of sin - abortion, p0rn0graphy, homose*ual causes, g@mbling, and more
  • Creating a portfolio God can bless
  • Evaluating investment opportunities from a faith-based perspective
  • Making "principles before profits" work for your portfolio
  • Leveraging your investments to impact the culture and support Christian values
  • Why you should hire a financial advisor who shares your values

Don't miss this opportunity to discover how Biblically-Responsible Investing can help you do well by doing good! 


This an informational event only - no products will be sold at this event.



NOTICE:  This content is intended for residents of the state of Tennessee only.  If you have received this invitation and are not a Tennessee resident, please disregard.

DISCLOSURE:  Storehouse Advisory Group is an independent investment advisory firm registered with the Securities Division of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance.

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