What the Wealthy Know and Do Differently!

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immediately following our seminar:

What the Wealthy Know and Do Differently!

(And You Can Do Too!)

to be held on the following dates and location:  Maxwell's American Brasserie
7340 S. Clinton St., Englewood, CO, 80155

Tues, September 16, lunch, Wed, September 17, Lunch,
September, 18, Dinner




We will discuss how fixed annuities really work and are they right for you? What is all the fuss about?    How to eliminate commissions, the wealthy don’t use brokers, here is what they do instead    How to avoid costly tax and estate planning mistakes    The Five biggest threats to your retirement INCOME, and how to over come them    What does the election mean to health care in the US, Obama vs McCain    Learn how to keep your money safe in bad times, and make great returns in good times    FEC – why everybody should have one!!



Presented by : David N Harper II


         as heard on 630 khow and 760 kkzn, “Money Matters Network” & on Real Coaching Radio Network 

 1st 25 callers will receive a free CD “Becoming your own Banker” Drawings for free Gas Cards 

Come hear facts, not theory.  Learn strategies designed to work.  Nothing will be sold at this educational workshop, and there is NO cost or obligation to attend.

We guarantee it will be time well spent.

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Limited seating to first 50 guests

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