Money Game: Beyond Dues/Investments BREI

Money Game: Beyond Dues and Investments for EDO and Chamber Funding


Doing more with less is a way of life in economic development and chamber organizations. Yet, organizations run on money. At some point more money is needed. This webinar is about both with a hard focus on new revenue sources.

No organization has enough money even in good times. With the down economy, many organizations have lost or seen significant reductions as key investors have cut back or withdrawn support. All the weaknesses show in a down economy.

In other words, this webinar is about ideas that should have been implemented yesterday… little changes and big moves that can make a difference in the top-line revenue.

This webinar is about an entrepreneurial approach to organizational funding. Non-dues revenue should kick 15-30% to the organization’s top-line revenue.

When was the last time you went on a search for trapped value or crafted a strategy to monetize an asset?

Now more than ever, chambers and economic development executives must be creative in finding revenue to support the organization’s mission.

David Rumbarger and Barbara Smith have created a culture of creative revenue development. Learn from their mistakes as well as their successes.

It is never too late to begin a revenue diversification process.


What you will learn  

    • An entrepreneurial approach to funding
    • 18 funding strategies beyond membership dues and investments
    • Monetize valuable assets
    • Big three non-dues sources
    • Cost sharing, cost deferring opportunities

Bring a group together on September 22nd! Use this webinar as a launch point for a staff brainstorming session on entrepreneurial approaches to generate new revenue for your chamber or economic development organization.


Steps to Success

  1. Set a staff meeting and join this webinar as a group
  2. Register your group for the Webinar
  3. Prepare your questions for our experts 
  4. Bring one funding tip to the webinar to share
  5. Challenge your assumptions about funding to step outside the traditional funding box
  6. Appoint a “chief” revenue strategist

Frequently Asked Questions

Featured Authority

David Rumbarger

President & CEO, Community Development Foundation

Tupelo, MS

Community Development Foundation is a 60-year-old comprehensive economic development organization comprised of the Lee County Council of Governments, Tupelo Area Chamber of Commerce, the Renasant Center for IDEAs incubator, and Lee County’s industrial parks, industrial buildings and economic development program. Under his leadership, Tupelo/Lee County was ranked the #1 Small Market in the U.S. for 2008 by Southern Business and Development Magazine and #2 in 2006 and #3 in 2007 in the U.S. by Site Selection for micropolitan projects, capital, and job growth.  He is the team leader for the location of the Toyota Prius plant located at the Wellspring Project Site in Pontotoc, Union and Lee counties.

Mr. Rumbarger is a certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and provides leadership for the CDF Team and has over 20 years of economic development experience. He is focused on creating project partnerships and local incentive packages.

He holds a master's degree in economic development and serves as the chief negotiator and executive decision maker on projects.



Barbara Smith

Vice President, Chamber Division, Community Development Foundation

Tupelo, MS

Ms. Smith joined the Community Development Foundation in 1983 and served as Manager of Corporate Affairs until 2001 before assuming her role as Vice President. One of her major responsibilities is Program Facilitator for CDF’s two-year leadership program, the Jim Ingram Community Leadership Institute. She has thirty six years of experience working in chamber of commerce and community development organizations.

Prior to joining CDF, she served nine years as Manager of the Indianola Chamber of Commerce in Indianola, MS and eight years as Executive Assistant to the Chairman and CEO of Lewis Grocer Company/SUPERVALU Stores, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, MN.

Her professional involvement includes serving on the Board of Directors of the Mississippi Economic Development Council as well as Board member of Tupelo Downtown Main Street Association.

She has completed advanced courses for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organizational Management. She is also a graduate of the charter class of the Northeast Mississippi Leadership Program.


Host and Moderator

Eric P. Canada

Chief Strategist, Blane, Canada Ltd.

Eric P. Canada of Blane, Canada Ltd. is a nationally recognized authority on economic development marketing and business retention. In his 1995 book, Economic Development: Marketing for Results!, Mr. Canada outlined the application of b2b (business-to-business)strategies in an economic development environment. In his work, he often interviews senior economic development professionals in search of best practices and innovation. He has conducted marketing program audits of 60 of the top economic development organizations in the US.

Mr. Canada created standards for business retention where none existed before. His competitive capacity analysis technique and benchmarks to replace the subjective SWOT analysis common in economic development. Now, the Synchronist Key Performance Indicators allow local, regional, and state EDOs to compare their findings to national benchmarks providing a clear picture of their competitive position. He created the Synchronist Business Information System® to manage existing business strategy. He also manages the largest BRE research collaborative in North America.


Mr. Canada regularly works with clients to develop effective marketing and existing business strategies and programs.




This webinar is produced by Blane, Canada Ltd. It is part of the Professional Learning Laboratory economic development educational series. The Lab is a joint venture of dedicated professional trainers committed to the provision of high-quality content, and expert instruction without commercial messages.


Blane, Canada Ltd.

1506 Cadet, Suite 100

Wheaton, IL 60189



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