Texting for Dollars

MoMo DC Looks at Non-Profit Fundraising through SMS Donations

Mobile giving lets 501(c )(3) organizations harness the reach and immediacy of a powerful new fundraising mechanism: mobile technology. For supporters, donating to their favorite organization is as easy as sending a text message. Each tax-deductible gift simply appears on their regular cell phone bills. Mobile giving is one of the most simple, powerful and cost-effective fundraising channels available. Through the Mobile Giving Foundation and select technology partners, non profits can leverage the ubiquity of mobile, reach a new base of donors and create compelling donor interaction.

Fact: More than 270 million Americans have mobile devices, and 99% of those phones support text messaging – mobile fundraising allows you to reach your supporters on the go and in the moment, and low $5 or $10 gift levels encourage participation from new donors.

Fact: Mobile fundraising allows your supporters to make a donation in an instant, without providing credit card information, without participating in a lengthy phone call, and without any follow-up mailings or other costly communications from you.

Join us this month to learn about the tips and tricks from seasoned experts on how to run a successful mobile giving campaign.

Christian Zimmern - Mobile Giving Foundation
Josh Kittner - Red Cross
Suzy Twohig - Share our Strength

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