Master Networker's Workshop 09 Tampa 10/20/09

The Master Networker's Workshop
& Networking Event 09!

Presented By: Networking Coach & Master Networker David Doerges

MORE Powerful
Are 10% (1 out of 10) (or less) of your networking contacts helping you grow your business?  Most networkers have about 2 - 3% (1 out of 30 - 50) of their networking contacts helping them grow their business.
NEW Material
Would you like 70% (7 out of 10) of your networking contacts helping you grow your business?
NEW Discoveries
Now you can, whether you are brand new to networking or have 20 years experience...
EASILY have unlimited people wanting to go out of their way to help you grow your business
Learn a 20 MINUTE SYSTEM that helps everyone you meet advance their business & achieve their dreams
Have 70% of the people you help ... help YOU!
A NEW Experience
What attendees are saying about this training (actual quotes) ...
"Exceeded my most optimistic expectations." ... "A wonderful, practical application of the 'Law of Attraction' BRAVO!" ... "The best investment you can make." ... "Gives a whole new meaning to networking." ... "Produces BIG results!" ... "You will learn life-changing skills." ... "I have not had this excellence of training anywhere." ... "Phenomenal job of getting to the heart and soul of successful networking." ... "I feel very comfortable now with the thought of networking." ... "Sound answers to real questions." ... "Ideas I never thought of before." ... "Fabulous!  I am going to recommend this to everyone!  So much I never thought of!!  Incredible session!" ... "Learned just what I was seeking - Organization and System ... and putting the Law of Attraction into practice!"
MORE Networking
Now FOUR HOURS of Training
 You Will Not Find Anywhere Else!

Do you want to grow your business to any desired level through networking?   Do you want to massively expand your sphere of influence?
Do you want to always get effective and efficient results networking? Do you want to easily and effectively help other people you meet networking?
Do you want to feel comfortable in any networking situation?

At this workshop you will discover and develop skills that will enable YOU to:

Achieve your goals and dreams through networking.   Effectively help other people you meet networking.
Build a gigantic network of valuable contacts.   Get people genuinely interested in what you do so they will help you.
Feel comfortable and helpful in any networking situation.   Discover the secret key to Master Networking.

Receive a special edition of The Master Networker's Manual and Workbook.

You will also participate in directed, intense and comprehensive networking with other attendees, a supercharged networking opportunity.

Maximum attendance for each workshop is 20.

Limited time special offer for previous attendees: You may attend for ½ the registration fee again!

That means you attended before and you may attend free if you come again with a fully registered guest.

To attend the workshop again at 1/2 price email us!


David Doerges
David Doerges
Phone: (727) 542-8686

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David is the founder of Free Networking International (FNI),, the largest business networking organization in the Tampa Bay area with 2500 members. FNI also has locations in Orlando and New York and is expanding worldwide.

In addition to managing and expanding FNI, David teaches how to effectively and efficiently network. His revolutionary workshop is the Master Networker’s Workshop, delivered to 600 attendees from February 2006 to present. The Workshop has been reviewed in the St. Petersburg Times, July 22, 2007 (front page, Working section). He guarantees this workshop will increase anyone’s business networking results by at least ten times.

He is also the author of The Master Networker’s Manual, available on the FNI Website and This book is a manual. It is a step by step system to achieve any imaginable goal or dream through business networking.

Most books on networking emphasize being more "interesting" and at first glance this seems to make sense. You go networking to be so interesting that people you meet will want to buy your product or service. However they aren't there to buy any product or service and they don't REALLY care what you do.

The secret key is that you have to take responsibility for getting them to care about what you do. If you persist in being a walking advertisement, you are just causing them to shut the door, more, regarding their interest in your product or service!

How do you get them to WANT to go out of their way to help YOU advance your business and dream? How can you do this with everyone in about 20 minutes? How can you have unlimited people wanting to invest their time and energy in helping YOU?

The answers ARE in this manual of master networking.

David has also lectured at Troy University, Tampa, FL.

He also creates many networking events and expos sponsored by Free Networking International.

Historically David has specialized in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Insurance and Finance. With an MBA from Florida Atlantic University and an BA in Fine Art from the University of South Florida, he has successfully run many businesses.

David is also an independent insurance agent and represents the top companies. He specializes in individual and small business health and life insurance. You can expect excellent service and consistent follow-up from David, both professionally, and as a networker.

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David also treasures time with family including his younger son Quentin, daughter Jackie, son Aaron and granddaughter Abbie.


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