Celebrate Passover with MJE

Join MJE for an Explanatory Passover Seder hosted by Azi & Jessica Cutter and Rabbi Ezra Cohen

Wednesday, April 8th & Thursday, April 9th

7:30 PM

Early Bird Price: $55 | Regular Price: $70

Early Bird Couples Price (includes 2 tickets): $100 | Regular Couples Price (includes 2 tickets): $125

Early Bird 2-Night Seder Special: $100 | Regular 2-Night Seder Special: $125


Special Passover Shabbat Luncheon with Rabbi Ezra Cohen

Saturday, April 11th

  1:00 PM

Cost: $30

Name Sales End Price Fee
Early Bird Ticket Ended $55 $1.89
Early Bird Couples Ticket (Covers 2 People) Ended $100 $2.79
Early Bird 2-Night Seder Special (Covers Both Nights) Ended $100 $2.79
Regular Ticket Ended $70 $2.19
Regular Couples Ticket (Covers 2 People) Ended $125 $3.29
Regular 2-Nigth Seder Special (Covers Both Nights) Ended $125 $3.29
Passover Shabbat Luncheon Ended $30 $1.39
Late Passover Ticket Ended $300 $6.79
Late Passover Seder Ticket Ended $70 $2.19

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They encouraged students to celebrate Passover Spartan style, inviting all students in MSU ... Instead, they spend the holiday eating unleavened bread, or matzo. “It helps me be in touch with my Jewish roots while at school,” hospitality business ...

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This week, those of the Jewish and Christian faiths celebrate some important dates in their religions. Tuesday started the eight-day observance of Passover. This holiday ... so that they may serve me.” When ignored, God sent 10 plagues on the Pharaoh ...

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