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Do You Have a 401k or IRA?

You may be getting trapped - Free yourself now!!!  Learn How to Win the Money Game!!! 

Most Americans who are concerned about preparing for retirement are lured into contributing pre-tax dollars into 401K plans or tax-deductible contributions into IRA’s. Such “Qualified Plans” only give you tax-favored advantages during the contribution and accumulation phase of your retirement account. What about the most important phases-when you with-draw the money for retirement income or transfer any remaining funds to your heirs? Has anyone told you “The rest of the story?”           

A California couple filing a joint tax return with a taxable income in excess of $58,100 will be in a 34% marginal tax bracket. If they were fortunate enough to both qualify for deductible contributions to their IRAs, they would save $1100 a year in taxes on a total contribution of $4000 a year. However, most retirees will pay back every dollar to Uncle Sam that they saved in taxes in the first 18-24 months of their retirement. In fact, the average retired couple will pay 8-12 times the taxes during their retirement years than the taxes they saved during their contribution/accumulation years.           

One of the original IRA/401K tenets held that deferring tax until retirement was advantageous because funds would likely be at a lower rate. That is no longer axiomatic. You may well spend retirement in the same or higher bracket if you accumulate a respectable retirement next egg. In fact, tax rates will likely rise in the future. So why postpone the inevitable and compound the tax problems?           

Is there a way to “Have your cake and eat it too?” Through proper planning, a homeowner may safely utilize an equity retirement plan that may provide tax advantages during the contribution and accumulation years, but more importantly, you may enjoy tax-free income during the retirement years and transfer any remaining funds to your heirs tax-free. This strategy can increase your net spendable retirement income by as much as 50%!             To understand how to determine if participation in a Roth  IRA, traditional IRA or 401K plan is wise in your circumstances;   First Financial Security is conducting an educational seminar entitled “Winning The Money Game.”  It will be held on Saturday, August 18, 2007,   at 10:00am at the Hampton Inn located at 7820 Orangethorpe Ave. Buena Park, CA 90621. There is easy access from the 91 freeway with plenty of free parking.

This educational seminar is taught nationally at a normal tuition of $100.00, however, at this private event, invited friends, family members, and their guests are cordially invited to attend this private presentation at no charge, compliments of our sponsor, First Financial Security, Inc. For guaranteed seating, please RSVP TODAY!!!

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