Certified Scrum Product Owner - Minnesota Workshop

Certified Scrum Product Owner

2 Days - This course results in a CSPO designation from the Scrum Alliance.

Drive Product Increments Faster - Master Release Planning - Adapt and Succeed


This intense interactive training workshop focuses on Scrum’s Product Owner role, which focuses on visioning, roadmapping, and user stories.

Scrum is a proven lean and agile approach to delivering results, a simple “inspect and adapt” framework used to organize work for maximum efficiency and effectiveness using three roles, three ceremonies, and three artifacts wherein stories express requirements and tasks express work.

While the Product Owner role is conceptually simple and involves a few guidelines, the role emphasizes a particular mindset. Many product owners enact the role, but don’t readily internalize the mindset, and thus don’t experience the benefits of the role.

This workshop not only provides participants with the skills for creating compelling visions, actionable roadmaps, and useful requirements using agile techniques, but it also gives participants practical hands-on experience applying these techniques throughout the workshop. Participants will be introduced to agility and create a vision, roadmap, and work with user roles, user stories, and acceptance tests.

This is not mere presentation-based training but a workshop using experiential learning (learning by doing, including robust simulations and discussions). It is facilitated by active practitioners / coachs with decades of real-world industry experience, which is used to highlight and expose participants to many common pitfalls. Experiential learning techniques are used to illustrate key concepts in a comprehensive manner that is interactively tailored to the participants’ particular needs. Participants will not only gain a foundational understanding, but will also gain practical insight around the nuances of putting the techniques into practice to maximize results.


            Agility: Values and Principles
            Agile Framework: Roles, Artifacts, and Ceremonies

Agile Visioning: Crafting a Vision
            Problems and Solutions
            Stakeholders and Users
            Needs and Features
            Assumptions, Dependencies, and Constraints
            Other Requirements

Agile Roadmapping: Crafting a Roadmap
            Releases and Milestones
            Elements and Dependencies

Working with User Roles, User Stories, and Acceptance Tests
            Understanding Context and Users
            User Stories and Gathering Techniques
            INVEST in Good Stories
            Acceptance Tests and Detailing User Stories

The Product Owner in the Enterprise

Other Event Details

•  Morning and afternoon breaks will be served
•  Parking is free and conveniently located right outside  
•  Lunch is served

This event is hosted by: 3Back.com, VersionOne and Normandale Collage

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