Foreclosure Prevention Information & Referral Training (Minnco CU)

Foreclosure Prevention Training:

How to help homeowners facing foreclosure


As the foreclosure crisis continues to sweep accross the state, organizations that encounter distressed homeowners are getting more and more questions about mortgage foreclosure. To help provide answers to these questions, the Minnesota Home Ownership Center is offering a FREE training workshop on how to help distressed homeowners.


This training will provide an overview of the foreclosure process, where to refer homeowners and information on how to prepare them to talk with a housing counselor or loan servicer.


Who should attend?

Staff from public, private, governmental and non-profit organizations, especially MN Credit Union Network staff members, who come in contact with distressed homeowners are invited to attend this training.  This may include social workers, real-estate agents, librarians, etc. 


Additional Questions? 

Please contact Ed Nelson:

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