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In the tradition of the Macs in Trial gatherings, it’s time for another Mac-focused conference for attorneys.  Working with my fellow podcast-mates Ben Stevens and Finis Price, I’ve been working hard to plan a great conference and I hope you’ll take time out of your schedule to attend.  The program content is going to be excellent and the speakers we have lined up so far are OUTSTANDING.

If you want to skip the hype-filled narrative, jump right down to the heading “MILO Fest in a Nutshell.”  For those of you who want a more leisurely tour of the event, read on.


By now you’ve heard that MILO Fest will be from Nov. 5th-Nov. 7th.   The agenda is coming together very nicely.  Before I go into too much detail, here’s a rough sketch of how the event will proceed:  
    Thursday, Nov. 5th - Social event (6pm until …).
    Friday, Nov. 6th - Full Day of Programming (8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. - that time is important, and I’ll explain why in a second).  
    Saturday,  Nov. 7th - 3/4 Day of Programming (8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., with an optional program through 4: 00 p.m.).

The ending times are important because of the location of MILO Fest.  I’m really excited to announce that the event will be held at the Disney World Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL.  (I didn’t think that a conference located in Trenton, NJ would have had much allure.)  Coronado Springs is one of the nicer resorts on the Disney property with lots to do without having to visit the parks.  In addition, we’ve got a great room rate at $129/night. (That’s just $5 more than the rooms in Dallas last year, and some $80 less than the ABA TechShow hotel).  This rate is good for a block of 60 rooms that we set aside.  There is an opportunity to reserve more rooms at this rate if the early response is good.  If folks wait until the last minute to book their hotels, then there is a strong chance that the reduced-rate rooms will run out before we have a chance to increase the reserved block of rooms for the conference.


NOTE:  Please hold off on trying to reserve rooms until July 15th.  We are still in the process of negotiating with Disney and expect to be able to give you more for the same price (more food, more service, etc.).  Let me know if you have a special circumstance that REQUIRES that you register for the room before the 15th of July.  Thanks for your patience.

That rate is also good for 3 days before and 3 days after the event.  Plus, there are some deep discounts on ticket and exclusive partial-day tickets (for after 2pm and 4pm - see how I tied that in?) for conference attendees.  Going to Orlando and staying on Disney Property makes it easy to take advantage of the location and conference amenities and turn this trip into a mini-vacation for you and your family.  And, it’s my hope that Orlando is a relatively inexpensive direct flight for most of you.   


It’s my sincere intention to have the agenda finalized in the next few weeks.  We’ve had incredible response and gotten some big names to agree to come and speak for us Mac-lovin’ lawyers.  My goal is to make this conference full of substantive information and, as I start to let you know what the different sessions are, I’m positive you’ll realize that this is a can’t-miss event.  While we can benefit from product demonstrations of various software, I’m trying to keep this from turning into a glorified sales pitch for 2 hours at a clip.  That said, I know that many of our speakers represent various companies and services that are excellent in their own right, and where appropriate, you’re going to hear about it all.  This conference is an incredible draw and, while we’re not done putting the programming together, the speakers we have lined up are impressive.  Here are just three examples:

First, The Mac Lawyer, Ben Stevens will be one of our presenters.  As you all know, my friend, J. Benjamin is one-of-the, if not “THE”, leading voice for our Mac-using attorney bar association.  We gave a lot of thought to what we were going to ask Ben to talk about and the answer became evident.  Ever since the webinar where Ben was highlighted, we have all been eager to hear how Ben runs his practice on Rocket Matter and Evernote.  His talk is going to be “Sky’s the Limit: Running Your Practice in the Cloud.”  Honestly, I can’t wait to attend this session myself.  This single session alone is going to be worth the cost of the conference.

Second, Grant Griffiths (the Blawgfather) is going to talk about blogging and social media for your practice.  As many of you know (and can attest to), Grant is one of the leading authorities on  blogging and using the Internet to grow your practice.  Grant is always very generous with his time and advice to many folks on the listservs.  I’ve asked Grant to talk about some of the specifics of SEO and give you some detailed guidance on how to tweak your blog and Internet presence to drive business and expand your influence.  As a bonus, Grant will also be demonstrating a new blogging product that he’s set to introduce over the summer.  I’ve made Grant promise that he will give away a copy or two of this incredible DIY solution and be around to demonstrate how to use it.  I’ve seen what he has to offer and I can tell you personally that it is the most exciting blogging news to come out in a while.  Not only will he be giving personal lessons on how to use it, but a few lucky folks will win free copies.   That’s cool.

Third, our own Finis Price will be giving a talk on using presentations effectively in the courtroom.  Finis is a fellow faculty member at the Solo Practice University, teaching a course on Trial Technology.  Many of you know that he has a side project called TechnoEsq Presentations, which focuses on creating affordable presentations for lawyers, among other services.  A self-avowed Mac geek, Finis is definitely “one of us” and you should check out the video at to see the outstanding work he does.  These presentations are far beyond bulleted PowerPoint slideshows and can really set you apart in the courtroom.  Finis is going to show you how to use Keynote, Photoshop, and Acrobat to create professional-quality presentations.

Those are just three of the excellent speakers that are going to be at MILOFest (we’ve got a few more already lined up).  There will also be a few familiar names from the Macs In Trial seminar - as well as some names that are well-known to us.  We are getting the best-of-the-best to come and share their time, talent and treasure with everyone.

Additional topics that will be covered include (1) Creating a PaperLESS office (also called: “No, I’m Really Going To Do It This Time!”),  (2) Fall Cleaning for Your Mac (Tips, Tricks & Tweaks to Get Your Mac Running at Optimal Performance), (3) Pages is the Word (or, “How You Can Be Rid of Microsoft Forever”), and more.  I intend to apply for CLE credits in Florida, so that you can get reciprocal credit in your state.  That’s not guaranteed, however I’ll keep you up to date as soon with my progress.

NOTE 10/12/09: It looks like we're not going to be able to do that CLE thing.  It's too expensive given what I'm charging for the event.  Maybe next year - sorry for getting your hopes up.

Logistics/Conference Fee

The cost of the conference is tiered.  Those of you willing to make the plunge just on the basis of this announcement will be able to save $30 over the General Admission price.  This is my reward to the folks that can see the value and give their confidence over before the event is fully-planned.  The Early Bird Admission price is good through July 15th, after which I believe that the conference will be “done” at least in general substance of planning and that price is good through 30 days before the conference, or October 6th.  There is Last Chance Admission for you procrastinators, but the price is $40 more than the General Admission price, which is a reflection of the incremental cost of adding folks & reserving rooms in the hotel, accounting for bigger space, etc.   Here is how it breaks down:
        $327 - Early Bird Admission (June 29-July 15)
        $357 - General Admission (July 16-October 6)
        $397 - Last Chance Admission (October 7-November 3)

I think the price is fair given that it’s half the price of ABA TechShow, but laser-focused on Mac-related issues.

Your admission fee also covers two meals (one each on Friday & Saturday) during the conference.  Whether that will be breakfast, lunch or some combination of the two will depend on the number of people registered & paid as of October 6th.  There is a chance that another meal will be added if the early response is good.  The more people sign up, the more we can offer you.

If you want to pay by credit-card, you can click through the links for EventBrite here.  If you want to avoid the processing fees, you can call my office for instructions on sending a check.  Call Tiffany at 609.818.0068 and reference MILOfest.  Do not attempt to pay by check here, or I have to charge you with the processing fee.  And, I’m a reasonable guy.  So long as you call and let me know that you’re sending the check before the end of a pricing tier, you will get the cheaper price.  The only caveat is that if you are coming up against the end of the General Admission period, I need that check within 3 days if you want me to honor that price.

I know that there will be questions about whether the conference will be video-taped.  The answer is: I don’t know.  The gentleman who recorded the Macs In Trial sessions did so at his expense and provided the copies to folks at no charge.  There have also been discussions about live-streaming the event.  I don’t either would be fair to those who paid to attend the conference, but I can’t even think about video or streaming until we reach critical mass on the in-person attendees.

This is going to be a great conference, I look forward to seeing you there.  Stay tuned for more announcements.

MILO Fest in a Nutshell

Dates:              11/05/09-11/07/09
Place:              Disney World Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, FL
Room Rate:          $129/night (good for 3 days before/after event) - 60 rooms reserved.
Topics (so far):    SaaS Roundtable, Branding with your Mac, Running Your Practice in the Cloud, Social Media Business Development, Stupid iPhone Lawyer Tricks, Creating Kick-Butt Legal Presentations.  And much more.

Cost to Attend:      $327 - Early Bird Admission     (July 1-July 15)
                              $357 - General Admission        (July 16-October 6)
                              $397 - Last Chance Admission      (October 7-November 3)

Thanks again for your interest.  



Name Sales End Price Fee
Early Bird Admission Ended $327 $8.18
General Admission Ended $357 $8.93
Last Chance Admission Ended $397 $9.93

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