Midweek Connection Inc. will meet on October 28, 2009

As a nonprofit organization, MIDWEEK CONNECTION serves the Chicagoland area by providing networking events combined with speakers in health/wellness, finances and career specializations. Our goal is to inform, empower, educate, and support the audience and help them gain immediate use of strategies they can implement to improve their lives.

Midweek Connection is not just about making contacts and building relationships, it's also giving you up-to-date strategies to help you deal with emotional, financial and career issues. 

As many of us know, the economic situation has effected every area of our day-to-day lives. 

> Our June Midweek asked, "How are you dealing with the stress?" 

> In July we discussed, "How are you managing your finances?" 

> August was focused on Balance and how to find it.

> September had us discussing finding your passion and asking, "What career plans are you creating?" 

> In October we will focus on eliminating the "vampires" in your life. (The things/people that suck the life out of your career, finances and well being),


Allow us to focus on your needs from 3 perspectives: health/wellness, finances and career. 

Our featured speakers include:

-Lauren Milligan is the head Resume Expert and Job Coach at ResuMAYDAY, a one-stop-shop for Career Management and Career Development. Her team of resume writers is comprised of experts in their own industries, ensuring that each client is paired with a resume writer who understands the language of their business, and how to sell that message to employers. Lauren is a frequent speaker on career-related topics, and has contributed to hundreds of seminars, workshops and tutorials. She is a frequent guest on Chicago television and radio where her quick-witted and ‘No Wimps Allowed’ attitude resulted in her own online radio show. Her background in recruiting and management steered Lauren to discover how much she truly enjoys helping people land that perfect job. She currently resides in Warrenville, IL with her musician husband and their two furry, barky kids. (For more information, see www.ResuMAYDAY.com)

-Dr. Tiffany Juergens is the head of Juergens Chiropractic, which she founded in 2002. She has educated and treated thousands of patients utilizing the principles of mind/body wellness. Dr. Juergens specializes in pre-natal, pediatric and family wellness care. She practices traditional chiropractic methodology as well as several complementary techniques. Dr. A large part of her practice is patient education because she holds the fundamental belief that people cannot get well until they understand the underlying cause of their symptoms.

-Matthew Sapaula, President of MatthewSapaula, Inc. began his career with a large brokerage firm in southern California after service in the military. Since then, he received instruction at DePaul University’s Financial Planning program and has been trained by senior experts in the financial planning industry. He was personally mentored in advanced financial strategies by New-York Times best-selling author, Douglas R. Andrew of Missed Fortune 101 and Last Chance Millionaire.




Won’t you join us and find out how to be YOUR BEST SELF in these trying times?


Monika Labbé

Founder and CEO

Midweek Connection Inc.



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