MICROAGGRESSIONS: The Power and Pain of Paper Cuts"Discover the pain associated with unintentional racism, other "isms" and learn effective strategies to eliminate the sting."

Discover the pain associated with unintentional racism other "isms" and learn effective strategies eliminate the sting."In a world with such diversity we can't possibly understand every aspect of every culture but we can become awakened to the complexities facing people who are different than us.  Good, well-intended people make unintentional statements and demonstrate behaviors that can be offensive and not even know it.  We all do this on some level and we must become aware of such statements and behaviors and choose to engage with each other fully aware of our thoughts and actions.
This type of behavior is often referred to as modern racism or microaggressions.  Although microaggressions are considered to be small slights they have a great impact and especially if one experiences several microaggressions in one day.  Are you offending without knowing it, have you created interpersonal barriers with  friends, family or colleagues because you are unaware?
If you truly want to establish and maintain effective, trusting relationships with people who are different than you, it's time to be awakened to the concepts, implications and pain of microaggressions. 
Workshop Agenda
Participants will leave emotionally and intellectually inspired and:  
  • Clearly define microaggressions and state examples of it
  • Obtain greater insight into the residual effects and implications of microaggressions
  • Become awakened to the lethal effects of microaggressions
  • Learn alternative methods of interpersonal communication
  • Discover the difference between culturally competent and culturally competent
  • Gain specific steps toward becoming culturally proficient
  • Learn how to face the fear of engaging in inter-racial/cultural dialogue and relationships
  • Understand the benefits of holistic thinking, intentional behaviors and learn how to build and sustain authentic relationships across cultures.

Register today and move from aware to awakened, from competent to proficient.

Location:   105 S. 49th Street (49th & Douglas)
                Omaha, NE 68132
Date:        August 29, 2008
Time:        9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Contact:   Catrice Jackson, CEO Catriceology Enterprises
               Phone: 402-502-2718
               Email:  catriceology@catricejacksonspeaks.com
3 CEU's Available and Refreshments Included

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Part One Ticket Ended $50

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