Michaels Revenge: West Valley Haunted Experience to Benefit The Foundation for Blind Children

Michaels Revenge: West Valley Haunted Experience to Benefit The Foundation for Blind Children

A private West Valley Haunted House put on by Douglas Pimental and Mandi Leigh of Compass Magazine along with other sponsors will benefit The Foundation for Blind Children.



October 11, 2008 – Compass Magazine Co-owners Douglas Pimental and Mandi Leigh will put on a haunted experience, titled Michael’s Revenge, in the West Valley to benefit the Foundation for Blind Children.  Adults and kids of all ages will be able to come out and experience frights of all kinds including a walk-through haunted house, a cemetery with songs and sounds throughout, and interactive stations where kids can feel slime and other Halloween Creepy Crawlies to go beyond being just a sight oriented experience.


With various parts of the attraction giving a story, the title of the event has a story behind it as well. Pimental is known throughout his neighbor for being the “Michael Myers” character of the Haunted Houses he’s built in the past. With the sponsorship of Lowes Hardware, Fuze Beverage and Melrose Vintage ,to name a few, they are able to take it to a whole new level this year.


Located at 7045 W Kimberly Way in Glendale, AZ the haunted experience will run October 31st from Dusk until 9:30 pm, and November 1st from Dusk until 9pm. On October 31st media will be on location as well as representatives from FBC and Fuze Beverage. November 1st will also mark the annual benefit, A Night For Sight, for The Foundation for Blind Children where Mandi Leigh will be a guest musical performer.

We ask that you make a donation to the foundation to enter the haunted experience. There is no set amount.  If you would like to donate early, you may do so by visiting  http://www.michaelsrevenge.eventbrite.com.  Print out your “ticket” confirmation that you donated to enter upon your arrival. If you prefer, you may also donate by check or cash at the door; make checks out to Foundation for Blind Children.

If you would like to volunteer to help with promotion, fundraising, building or security email Douglas or Mandi at


Happy Halloween!

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