June 21, 2008 MHO Camp muir Day Hike

You’ve reached the info & sign up page for the June 21st, 2008 Mars Hill Outdoors Camp Muir Day Hike.  We’re looking forward to a beautiful day on the mountain (pray for sunshine) and hanging out with some great people.  Hope you can join us!  Please read through the following information and to sign up, click on the button at the top right of the page.  

The Hike

This is a tough hike – 4600 ft elevation gain, 9 miles roundtrip.  The views on a sunny day are spectacular!!  Camp Muir is at elevation 10,000 feet, adding difficulty to the hike due to the high elevation.  If you’re able to jog a couple of miles without stopping – you should be good to go.  A couple of info websites:http://www.nps.gov/mora/



Trip Foundations

Mars Hill Outdoors is a volunteer-operated outdoors activity organization. We are made up of men and women of all walks of life who love the outdoors and its Creator and share a desire to give back to the community.  We are sponsored by Mars Hill Church www.marshillchurch.org

Group Logistics

Please plan on hiking together as a group.  We want to be intentional with this to encourage community building and also for safety.  This will mean some of you speed hikers out there will need to go slower for the group’s sake.  So, if you’re a ‘lone ranger’ type and don’t like to hike in groups (we’ll have about 20 people), this probably won’t be the best hike for you.  Also, if the weather is not good (fog, rain, clouds, etc.) it can be very dangerous on the glacier we plan to cross and we may plan a different hike in the area, or shorten the hike. 

Rough Itinerary:  
  • Meet up 6:00am for carpooling – probably in the Southcenter area, more details to follow
  • Arrive at Paradise ~9am 
  • Gear up & convene near the trailhead for overview
  • Hike up, slide/hike down, return to Paradise by about 5pm 
  • Return to Seattle, grab dinner on the way home, if carpools so choose, be back by approximately 9pm 

- Gas money $15-$20 IN CASH to pay driver day of

- Park entrance fee is $15/vehicle, please bring additional cash to cover this fee in your carpool

- Money for dinner (this is optional – dependent on individual carpools)


Gear – Required items are in Bold

-Hiking boots – broken in and waterproof highly recommended!    

-Water – at least 2 liters required 

-Sunscreen – I’m bringing an spf 30, on a sunny day, the chances are very high you will get burned without it, also don’t forget your lip sunscreen

-Sunglasses – also important!  It will be very bright on a sunny day on the glacier!  The wrap-around kind are the best, as they will keep more of the sun out…

-Lunch/snacks – this is fuel for your body – I’d recommend bringing quite a few calories


-Wicking t-shirt or base layer

-jacket/fleece (it may be windy at the top – plan accordingly)

-windbreaker (rain jacket) recommended

-quick dry pants/shorts

-stocking cap, gloves (just in case)

Note:  people’s body temperatures are very different – so ready yourself for a day that could be fairly warm if it’s sunny, cool if it’s a little overcast – it could also be windy  (I’ll probably bring my down coat just so I know I’ll stay warm) 

Overall, keep in mind you will be carrying everything you bring up the mountain with you, so don’t skimp on the necessary things, but at the same time don’t be excessive.


Gear that’s nice to have:

- trekking poles


- lightweight pants with zippered legs for the shorts option

- sandals/casual shoes for the drive to and from

- pants or something slick (garbage bags) for glaciading down the mountain (glaciading is like sledding) and to keep your behind kind of dry (rain pants work)

- change of clothes for after the hike (if you plan on glaciading, chances are high you will be pretty wet when you get back)

- camera


Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions, otherwise, hope to see you on the mountain!!


Lisa Dale


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