The key to delivering true business value to users is providing user friendly software applications. Students will learn how to use the presentation layer features of Spring MVC 2.5 Framework and user conversation features of Web Flow 2.0 framework to develop user friendly POJO (plain old java objects) Web Applications that support complex user conversations.

After this course students will be able to produce platform independent controller components, views and Web Flows (conversations) and assemble them via dependency injection and aspect orientation into POJO Web Applications. They will know how to secure a Web Application, produce automatic test cases and setup a Spring development environment. They will have practiced Test Driven Development techniques

Course Content

    * Business and Technical Motives for @MVC and Web Flow
    * The Spring MVC and @MVC Concepts and Architecture
    * Developing a Web Application with Spring MVC
    * Developing a Web Application with Spring @ MVC
    * Testing Spring MVC and Spring @MVC applications
    * Securing Spring MVC and Spring @MVC applications
    * Spring Web Flow 2 Concepts and Architecture
    * Developing a Web Flow
    * Securing a Web Flow

Take-aways include:

    * Spring MVC 2.5 and Web Flow 2 Conceptual Principals
    * Spring MVC 2.5 and Web Flow 2 Course Notes
    * Spring MVC 2.5 and Web Flow 2 Exercise Handbook
    * Spring MVC 2.5 and Web Flow 2 Programming code examples,
    * FAQs Answers
    * plus book and article references.


    * 1 Day

Our 1 day hands-on courses are taught by industry experts and reinforced by self-study exercises over a period of weeks. Our approach uses Hands-on training to teach the "how" of a technology. It then uses the Conceptual Principals of a technology to teaches the "Why", "What", and "When to use" that technology. Self-study exercises gives students an effective way to practice what they are learned and perfect their skills over a period of weeks.

During the 3 weeks following the class, students have email access to the Instructor and can ask questions relevant to the course. Answers to FAQs (frequently asked questions) shall be distributed to all students.

Students must have A good working knowledge of Java, including a good understanding of Java developments tools (Ant, Maven, Eclipse) Those students with no prior experience with Web Flow or Spring MVC should start with this course. Those students with pre Spring MVC 2.5 and Web Flow 2.0 experience should take this course to upgrade their skills because Spring MVC 2.5 and Web Flow 2.0 has been radically upgraded over Spring MVC 2.0 and Web Flow 1.0.

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