Maximize Your Church Conference

Second Annual Maximize Your Church Conference

It’s impossible. It is impossible to change the culture of the church. The American church is without hope. When church expert George Barna completely shut down his church organization he declared the church is beyond help. When 98% of church growth is church transfer; when 95% of all Christians are barren; when 80% of those giving to the church are 55 or older, then the church has a clear and present danger. We are confronted with a crisis experts declare is impossible. The church has a crisis choice: do the impossible or die.

The American church has a crisis of culture. The culture crisis is not the humanistic culture secularist successfully impose upon our nation. It is not an external culture oppressing the church, it is an internal crisis of culture. The American church is mired in the malaise of the maintenance culture.

The solution to the American church crisis will not be found in the research and reason of man, but in the revelation from God. The Lord is revealing a new church culture that is the solution to the culture crisis of maintenance, and it is the Kingdom culture. All church culture, Purpose or Willow or any other denomination is about church and people. The Kingdom culture is about the King, and the King’s anointing. The solution to the American church crisis is the kingdom of heaven!

This time tests the heart of man from the overwhelming darkness oppressing the church. Ineffective and inefficient use of time buries you deeper in the feelings of hopelessness. Redeem the time for the days are evil. We cannot waste time being ineffective. We must multiply our time in the Kingdom.

And he said unto them, I must preach the kingdom of God…for therefore am I sent. [Luke 4:43] King Jesus invaded darkness to establish a counter culture ever expanding Kingdom of heaven upon the earth.

King Jesus said His Kingdom is as a mustard seed, and He said you need faith as a mustard seed to do the impossible. King Jesus will empower you to do the impossible in the Kingdom Church. When the American Church becomes the Kingdom Church the American culture will change. When the church becomes the Kingdom Church nothing shall be impossible to him who believes. When the Kingdom Church invades darkness the Kingdom of heaven is expanded upon the earth.

There is a biblical and spiritual solution to the problems confronting the church. The church does not need to turn to business for solutions, but to the Bible. God has revealed His solutions to the culture crisis in America.

When you attend the Maximize Your Church conference you will receive:

  • Faith to do the impossible to change the culture of your church.
  • Faith to do the impossible to be part of the army of God to translate one million souls of men into the Kingdom of heaven.
  • Faith to do the impossible to be united in the Kingdom Church.

Maximize Your Church

 The culture change you will learn at the Maximize Your Church Conference will result in Multiplication. Your church can more than double attendance in three years. Once you remove the maintenance culture barriers off the minds of your members, you can experience the multiplication anointing.

The Maximize Your Church is a “how to” leadership conference to do the impossible—transform your church from a maintenance culture to a kingdom culture church.

You will learn:

  • The problems stopping you
  • The potential to release you
  • How to begin the transformation process
  • How to lead the process until complete transformation

This will be the most practical and most faith imparting and anointing imparting leadership conference you will attend this year!

Day One: Why

Session One: The Transcendent Kingdom - God’s eternal vision of man was not altered by the invasion of darkness upon the earth. You will discover how the kingdom of heaven is the fulfillment of God’s vision.

Session Two: The Gospel of the Kingdom - Jesus said, “This gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached..” What is the gospel of the Kingdom? The gospel of the Kingdom produces the Kingdom Church. How does the gospel of the Kingdom differ than the gospel that has produced the Maintenance culture church?

Session Three: The Prosperous Soul of the Kingdom - The soul of man is translated out of the dominion of darkness into the Kingdom to encounter the prosperity of the Kingdom. Discover what makes a prosperous soul and how to possess the Kingdom. Find out how a prosperous soul exerts kingdom dominion upon the earth.

Session Four: The Heart of a King - You cannot possess the inheritance of the Kingdom, if you do not possess the heart of the King. The Breakthrough Journey is the process to transform your heart to be a king’s heart. The heart of the king qualifies you for Kingdom promotion for you have the opportunity for Kingdom prosperity, multiplication, and influence.

Session Five: The Sword of the King - To be like King Jesus, an invasive, interruptive, and intrusive king, one must become skilled in the art of war with the sword of the King. You will take back your stolen kingdom inheritance effectively using the sword of the King.

Session Six: The Kingdom Multiplication Anointing - Jesus told his disciples, “it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven… some thirty-fold, some sixty-fold, and some one hundred-fold” The multiplication anointing in the Kingdom is a mystery that will unlock the awesome potential for the Kingdom Church. Your church can experience Kingdom multiplication.

Session Seven: Ken’s Kingdom Encounters - Your faith will be ignited as you hear how the Lord brought Ken to the revelation of the multiplication anointing and how the Lord plans on releasing that anointing upon the Kingdom Church in America.

Session Eight: Impartation of the Multiplication Anointing - This will be a season of laying on of hands for impartation of the multiplication anointing.

Day Two: What to do

Session One: Where are we? You will receive a fifteen to twenty page maintenance culture assessment from an assessment questionnaire you will complete prior to the conference. Because you will answer questions you have not considered before, you will see clearly what departments and programs are in the maintenance culture, and which ones are not. You will see what needs to be changed for your church to go to a higher level. Finally, you will see the current potential for growth and Kingdom expansion.

Session Two: What is the core cause? You will discover the source of the church’s mission ineffectiveness and what must be changed for the transformation to be successful. Session Three See Your Church Like God—Big! How does God see your church? God does not see your church as the building church, but as the Kingdom Church. You will see the awesome potential for growth and Kingdom expansion as you see the big ever-expanding vision King Jesus has of your church.

Session Four: How You Can Double Attendance in Three Years! You will learn how to translate your growth potential into multiplication of attendance. This fun and inspiring session will show you how you have the potential to double in attendance right now with what is in your hand.

Session Five: How To Transform the Church Culture - Find out how to lead your church in the three phase transformational process to become a Kingdom Church. You will see the process and the curriculum required to elevate your church to a higher level. You will write your vision down of your future church, and develop a plan to lead your church to the next level.

Session Six: How To Begin - Half of winning is beginning. You already have the transformational resources required to lift your church to a higher level: the army of God! You will discover the start point ministry that will recruit and train the army of God, and how it becomes the transformational force required for culture change and Kingdom multiplication.

Session Seven: The Transformation Ministry - What ministry and structure has the dynamic to begin this wonderful journey? You will learn the ministry to lead your members to stretch their comfort zone outside of the church building to invade the darkness oppressing souls of men.

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Individual   Ended $249
Senior Pastor FREE with paying individual   Ended Free

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