"Professionals Around the Prophet" with Imam Mohammed AbdelAzeez

Why Professionals Around the Prophet?

Do you wish to contribute to society? Do you seek to serve Islam, only to have your natural and acquired talents devalued?

Many throughout history, both Muslim and non-Muslim, have learned to better their society from the example of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his companions.

In Professionals Around the Prophet, we will explore the prophetic society, and the scholars, leaders, business owners, and artists among them that contributed to making it the most influential generation in history.

With God’s help we can take inspiration and practical lessons to help us change the scope through which impact on the world.

Who is Imam AbdelAzeez?

Imam Mohamed AbdelAzeez is the Imam of the SALAM Islamic Center in Sacramento CA. Imam Azeez was educated in Medicine, political science, sociology, Islamic history and Islamic theology. He holds an MD from Ain Shams University, a BA from Ohio State University, and an MA from University of Chicago.

Imam Azeez has been involved in Islamic activism and education for the past 10 years. He worked with and taught Islam at numerous institutions from the Midwest to the West coast.

You can read more about Imam Azeez at the Salam Center website.

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