NYC iPhone Boot Camp: Three or Six Day Intensive Master Classes with Bestselling iPhone Authors Steve Kochan (Objective-C, 2.0) & Jeff LaMarche (iPhone SDK, 3.1)

“If you want to develop apps on the iphone you need this course. Don't try this on your own, unless you have a couple of months to spare ” —Craeg K Strong - lead developer,, attended January 2009 Intensive iPhone Boot Camp in New York

The iPhone Boot Camp is dedicated to providing the highest quality training possible in iPhone development Most iPhone workshops hire developers that themselves are new to Mac development. At any price the training turns out to be a waste of time and money.

We hire only recognized experts in the field with years of experience developing on the Mac - former Apple engineers, creators of bestselling iPhone apps, renown authors of books relating to iPhone development - iPhone and Mac developers that thoroughly know what they are teaching and how best to teach it.

The trainers

Best selling authors and leading authorities on Objective-C and the SDK and iPhone Development.

Steve Kochan, Objective- C,  author of the best seller, Programming in Objective C -2.0 that sold over a million copies. He has authored and co-authored eight other books on Objective-C programming 

Jeff LaMarche,  co-author of the bestselling books on iPhone and develoment on the Mac Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK and Learn Cocoa on the Mac

The Six Day Intensive workshop from 10am-6pm,  a full 48 hours of training, covers the fundamentals and advanced feature of iPhone development, enough material that after the workshop you should be able to develop your own iPhone application and upload it to the AppStore. The workshop is limited in size and features hands on exercises under the supervision of the instructor.

Developers have the option to attend the workshop on any of the six days or the entire six day workshop, according to their knowledge level. Both the Objective-C and SDK train developers from the very basics in iPhone development to the most advanced features.

What you will learn?

DAY 1 -L anguage Fundamentals

  • Understand principles of Object Oriented Programming )OOP): classes, objects, instances, and methods 
  • Write and debug programs in Objective-C using Xcode 
  • Understand data types and how to write expressions 
  • Use basic control constructs for looping and making decisions 
  • Define classes and write instance and class methods 
  • Use properties, synthesized accessor methods, and the dot operator
  • Pass and return objects to methods
  • Understand the self and super keywords and their use
  • Understand inheritance 

DAY 2 - Language Fundamentals (continued)

  • Learn more about variables and scope
  • Write initialization methods
  • Learn how to add a category to a class
  • Learn about protocols and conformance
  • Take advantage of polymorphism and dynamic typing 
  • -Work with the preprocessor 
  • Understand underlying C language features such as arrays, functions, structures, and pointers
  • - Use enumerated data types and typedef

DAY 3 - The Foundation Framework and Introduction to iPhone Programming

  • Use the basic Foundation classes to work with numbers and strings
  • Work with Foundation collections: arrays, dictionaries, and sets in your program
  • Use fast enumeration on collections
  • Copy and archive objects 
  • Manage memory, understand retain counts, and use the autorelease pool to avoid memory leaks 
  • Introduction to the iPhone SDK
  • -Develop your first iPhone application using the iPhone simulator
  • Understand IBOutlet and IBAction and use Interface Builder to design a UI and make the connections
  • Use what you've learned to write an iPhone fraction calculator application

Day 4: iPhone SDK Basics:

We start with live coding of the classic simple "Hello World" application to get an overview of the steps and tools involved. You will build your first iPhone Application. Topics include an Introduction to the tools: Mac OS X, Cocoa Touch, XCode, ObjCProcess: Design in IB, Code in XCode, Build, Debug, Optimize,Building Blocks: Foundation and UIKit Frameworks. Other Frameworks, C LibrariesFoundation Framework: Core Classes, Memory ManagementUIKit Framework: Infrastructure For Implementing Graphical Event Driven Applications,UIKit Framework: Views & Controls, Controllers, UIApplication,Application Basics: Bootstrapping, Delegation, Windows, Views, Build "Hello World" Application, Adding Behavior - Programming and Design Patterns, Objective C Basics: Classes, Message Syntax, Objective C 2.0: Properties, Dot Notation, Design Patterns: Delegation Design Patterns: Target-Action, Design Patterns: Model-View-Controller

Day 5:  iPhone SDK Intermediate

Expanding User Interface - View Controllers, Navigation, Tab Bars, View Controller Basics, Navigation Controllers, Tab Bar Controllers, Build a Multi-Page ApplicationTable Views, Table View Controllers, Delegation and Data Sources, Custom Table Cells, Build Hierarchical Data Browsing Applications, Data Management with SQLite, SQLite database management, Reading and writing objects from SQLite, Build SQLite Data Browsing TableView Application, Searching Data with SQLite, SQLite queries, Keystroke-by-keystroke searching, Results presentation, Enhance SQLite Data Browsing TableView Application with Searching

Day 6: iPhone SDK Advanced

Web Services, Fetching data from remote services, Caching data locally in SQLite, Build Image Search TableView Application, Performance and Progress, Display progress and activity for long running tasks, Thread operations to keep UI responsive, Enhance Image Search TableView Application with threading, Animation and Drawing, Use UIView animation to do flips, slides, fades and resizing, Enhance Image Search TableView Application with splash page animation, Use Core Graphics to draw shapes, Build Random Polygon Application 

We are proud of the apps that are student developers have created.
Check out some of their apps in the store after taking the workshop on our alumni page.

About the iPhone Boot Camp

The iPhone Boot camp is the leading training workshop for professional iPhone development. We employ top level developer-trainers to teach iPhone development and related iPhone development tools, such as Cocoa, Objective C and Open GL ES.  To date we have trained in six cities in two countries over 100 developers who have developed dozens of apps in the app store, from indpendent developer to Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, AOL, genentech, SRI, Thomson Reuter, AP,, Crate and Barrel, Shure, HBSC,etc.

What should I bring with me?

  • An Intel Macintosh laptop computer.
  • A limited number of MacBook Pro laptop computers will be available for rental at reasonable rental rates.
  • XCode and the iPhone SDK installed on your Macintosh laptop 
  • An iPhone or iPod Touch, if you have one (optional) 
  • Basic programming knowledge, including object-oriented programming experience, such as Java,, NET, C,  Visual Studio
  • Familiarity with the Mac

Who should attend?

  • Experienced programmers interested in iPhone application development
  • People new to Mac development and iPhone development

Why take a workshop when I can read books, attend a lecture watch videos and webinars?

Most people, even those with extensive experience in programming, find the SDK difficult to master. Books and video are great to prepare for a workshop but there  is sitll no substitute for a small hands on workshop with other developer, where you can ask questions to an experienced instructor looking over your shoulder as you go through the episodes step by step. Basically it saves you month of time and money.

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Our Alumni Network for Work

We don't just offer training. We are also iPhone developers ourselves, as are our alumni. We have an online alumni network where the members post jobs, requests for proposals and form partnerships.

To find out more about the iPhone Boot Camp, including videos, a detailed syllabus, links to our local meetup groups and detailed info on how to prepare for the workshop go to our main site iPhoneBootCampNYC

























Name Sales End Price Fee
6 Day Master Class Objective-C and the SDK - Early Bird Save $500 Ended $2599 $9.95
6 Day Master Class: Objective-C & the SDK - Standard Ended $3099 $9.95
3 Day Master Class: Objective-C Only - Early Bird Save $500 Ended $1699 $9.95
6 Day Master Class; Student with current valid student I.D. & school email address Ended $1699 $9.95
3 Day Master Class: Objective-C Only - Standard Ended $2199 $9.95
3 Day Master Class: SDK Only - Early Bird Save $500 Ended $1699 $9.95
3 Day Master Class: SDK Only - Standard Ended $2199 $9.95
3 Day Objective-C Class; Student with current valid student I.D. & school email address Ended $999 $9.95
3 Day SDK Class; Student with current valid student I.D. & school email address Ended $999 $9.95
Any one day of six day workshop Ended $299 $8.46

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