Understanding HUD REO Asset Management: And the Changes to Expect in 2010! (E-Presentation)

Understanding HUD REO Asset Management: 
And the Changes to Expect in 2010!

Education for Agents who Sell HUD Homes to provide you with advance information about the signficant changes on the horizon for HUD REO & Management.

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HUD contracts one Asset Management Company to manage the HUD Sales Process in your state … That one company exclusively manages all of the inventory, the HUD listing site and bidding process, hires Listing Brokers, reviews your HUD-9548 Contracts, and you as a HUD Selling Agent work with that one, single company for every HUD Home Sale.

Think you know how it works? 

The current contracts for the HUD Asset Management Companies nationally are up, and for the first time in 10 years, HUD has significantly changed how it will manage and market its inventory through private contractors.

There are big changes on the horizon for HUD REO Management, and they are set to start in early 2010 when the third and newest round of HUD Management Phases takes effect.  When the new phase starts, it won't be like previous changes with "just a new management company" with its own listing site, listing days, policies and procedures....
HUD has changed the entire dynamic of its REO Marketing and Management!

This presentation will fully explain to agents how the new HUD REO Management process will be structured, the new types of companies HUD will contract in each state and nationally, the new national HUD internet portal for bidding on HUD homes, and more!




 Presentation Details


The e-presentation features video, PowerPoint, and audio instruction.  (Not your typical, static 'webinar'!).  After you regsiter, you will be provided personal login information so you can watch the presentation online at a time of your choosing! 

Registration includes:

1) Access for the registrant to watch the full 1-hr presentation about the HUD REO Changes online

2) Access for the registrant to watch the supplementary 5 minute "Just the Facts" presesentation online.

3) Access for the registrant to MarketSpire's forum for this class, where you and other attendees can post questions and read the instructor's answers and response.

4) Optional receipt of email updates from the instructor regarding 'changes'  (i.e. if new insights or changes to info discussed become available, including the names of the HUD-contracted Asset Managers when that information is disclosed by HUD)


Alysia Hutchison
(more information nformation about Ms. Hutchison’s background and knowledge of HUD REO and HUD REO Asset Management are below) 

CE Credit None. The online presentation does not count for any CE Credit.  Live classes in Georgia count for 3 hours CE Credit. 
Presentation Outline

Welcome:  An Introduction to your Instructor

Chapter 1: Background; HUD REO Sales and Management

Chapter 2: The Current HUD Asset Management Process (1999 - present), including discussion of the role of the "Prime" HUD Asset Management Company an agent works with to complete a HUD Transaction in each state

Chapter 3: The New HUD Asset Management Process (2010), including detailed discussion about the new features such as the new HUD Territories, the "end" of exlusivity, the new types -and number- of HUD-Contracted companies that will market and manage the REO Inventory in each territory and work with HUD Selling Agents, the new National Listing and Bidding Site, and more!

Chapter 4: Special Considerations for Agents Who Sell HUD Homes, including your instructor's insights on what these changes mean for the HUD Sales Process and listing broker opportunities, what will stay the same in HUD REO, and what is still unknown about the new HUD M&M Phase.

Chapter 5: Tentative Timelines and Transitions to the New HUD Asset Management Process in 2010

Chapter 6: Resources for Agents, including where to find such information on your own, where to look for updates as M&M III goes live, and lesser-known government websites

Chapter 7: Overview of the Key Information



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  1. Is this an "Intro to HUD Homes" or "How to Sell" Seminar?  answer 
  2. Will we be told the names of companies who will be awarded HUD contracts?  answer   A
  3. What is "M&M"?  answer  A
  4. Who is MarketSpire and who is the Instructor for this seminar?  answer   AA
  5. Why did you create this webinar?  answer   A
  6. How do you know the information about the changes and I don't?  answer   A
  7. Is this webinar being done on behalf of, or in affiliation with, HUD or any M&M's?  answer  A
  8. Will you share attendee lists or my contact information with anyone?  answer  A
  9. Will you be discussing how to be a HUD listing broker?  answer  A
  10. What all do I get when I register for the webinar?  answer  A
  11. The webinar is only $24?  answer  A
  12. Does this webinar count for any Continuing Education Credit?  answer  A
  13. I am interested in having this class taught live in my area.  Whom should I contact?  answer A



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We hope you'll join us at this dynamic and informative
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Is this an "Intro to HUD" or "How to Sell HUD" Seminar?
No.  This webinar will be most beneficial to agents who already understand the HUD Sales Process, explaining to them the changes about to be launched in HUD REO's management structure, and how it all relates to agents. This is not in any way an instructional "How to Sell" course.  To your benefit, though, the creator and instructor for this webinar is one of the most knowledgeable presenters in Georgia on the topic of HUD REO and Asset Management. More details about the instructor are below. (back to top)


Will we be told which specific companies have been awarded the HUD Contracts?
Answer:  This information has not yet been publicly disclosed by HUD, as the new phase is not yet live.  Webinar attendees, however, will learn where to find this information on their own and will have the option to be emailed by the instructor the names/info of the contracted companies once the information is disclosed. Again though, this class is not about "which companies." Although important to know who they are, this class focuses on the bigger picture of how the structure of HUD's REO Marketing and Management is significantly changing. (back to top)


What is "M&M"?
Answer:  M&M means "Marketing and Management."  The companies currently contracted to manage HUD inventory in a state are called a Marketing and Management Company (an M&M).  This is the company you work with to complete a HUD Sale, and who's website you currently visit to bid on HUD Homes. Also, HUD refers to its Management Phases as "Marketing and Management Phases."  For example, HUD's M&M I was from 1999-2004, M&M II from 2004-2009, and now, M&M III will start in 2010 and is the M&M Phase where the aforementioned changes will take place. (back to top)


Who is MarketSpire and who is the instructor for this webinar?
The creator and instructor of this seminar is Alysia Hutchison, owner of MarketSpire.  Ms. Hutchison formerly worked as the Marketing and Outreach Director to a HUD M&M, recently leaving the position to start MarketSpire, a training and development company focusing on housing and real estate related issues. 

Ms. Hutchison has extensive experience and knowledge in the HUD REO Arena, and also serves as Co-Chair to the Georgia Homeownership Alliance.  An acclaimed presenter and member of the National Speakers Association, Ms. Hutchison has to date presented to more than 10,000 individuals in topics regarding to HUD and other housing issues, with the highest of accolades from attendees, government officials, and housing industry leaders.  You can read more about MarketSpire and Ms. Hutchison at www.marketspire.net  (back to top)


Why did you create this webinar?
Answer:  "So many agents I speak with tell me that any time the HUD Asset Managers have changed in the past, they just don't receive any advance notice, and are caught so off guard!   And this time, it's much more than JUST a new management company.  Agents are involved in this HUD Sales Process more than anyone, and having the knowledge of changes to its structure is critical to their success...

Working so closely with both government entities/asset managers and with thousands of agents, I just came to realize that there exists a certain information gap between the housing industry and the real estate industry.  Not really to any one's fault, but agents are often overlooked when it comes to getting timely information about topics {like this} that really are so important to the growth and success of their business practices!  My goal through MarketSpire is to help bridge this information gap, and bring agents information of which they may not otherwise have been aware." - Alysia M. Hutchison  (back to top)


How do you know this information about the changes and I don't?
Answer:  Ms. Hutchison has extensive knowledge regarding the course topics for an array of reasons, including experience and knowledge from former employments, a current overtly active involvement in the housing industry, and an expansive professional network.  Most importantly, Ms. Hutchison knows where to look and looks often! 

Most all of the information discussed in the webinar has already been publicly disclosed by HUD, but unfortunately, most agents don't know how/where to find this kind of information, nor have access to a knowledgeable person who can then explain the lingo to them in a manner that is easy-to-understand and engaging!  This webinar will address all of that and provide you with valuable resources to hopefully in the future be able to locate such information on your own. Although we wish this information were more readily available to agents (information gap!), many agents who would be very interested are just not aware of the coming changes.  We hope to change that!  (back to top)


Is this webinar being done on behalf of or in affiliation with HUD or any current HUD M&M Contractors?
Answer:  No.  This particular class is not being done on behalf of any organization except our own. Your instructor is very knowledgeable about the topic at hand, but we want to ensure we are not misrepresenting ourselves:  your instructor is not a government employee or contractor and is not currently working for any M&M Contractor. (back to top)


Will you share the webinar attendee lists or my contact information with anyone?
Answer:  No.  Your attendance and contact information is confidential to MarketSpire and we will not provide attendee lists or contact information to any third party. (back to top)


Will you be discussing how to become a HUD Listing Broker?
Answer:  In the new HUD M&M Phase in 2010, the listing brokers will be contracted directly by a HUD-contracted company, or its subcontractor (as they are now).  As such, each asset manager will have its own criteria for soliciting/hiring LLB's.  As your instructor is not employed with any current  or hopeful HUD-contracted company, she will not be able to discuss what their independent requirements/qualifications for LLB's will be. That said, Ms. Hutchison does have working knowledge of the LLB Process and will be providing her own insights and advice regarding her own professional opinion of considerations and strategies she would recommend to her own consulting clients in pursuing these positions. (back to top)


What all do I get when I register and pay for the webinar?
Answer:  1) access to watch the full 1-hour audio & visual presentation at a time of your choosing 2) access to a 5-minute "Just the Facts" PowerPoint slideshow that highlights the key features of the webinar  3) opportunity to participate and access the class's online forum to get your questions answered and read answers to other attendee's questions 4) email(s) from the instructor with updates (If applicable. Although the plans for M&M III are clearly set, it's possible some new items may come to light before M&M III goes live.  If this happens, you don't have to attend another course, we'll just email attendees the updates!) and 5) a list of the HUD-contracted companies when that information is disclosed. (back to top)


And the webinar is only $24?
Answer:  YES!  The webinar is $24.  If you register online, there is also a credit card processing fee (under $3) which is added to your registration from Eventbrite, making the total charge to your credit card $26 and change.  If you don't wish to pay the processing fee, you can mail a $24 check to MarketSpire and we will manually process your registration.  Simply email us at info@marketspire.net if you need help.

In regard to the course fee, we are often asked "Why so affordable?"  Although we frequently see other training providers offering "foreclosure" or "hot topic" courses at hundreds of dollars given everyone's interest in light of the market, we are an advocate of closing the information gap between the housing industry and the real estate industry, and genuinely believe this information should be widely available at affordable prices from those who understand the system! (back to top)


Does this webinar count for any Continuing Education Credit?
Answer:  No, the E-version of this class does not count for CE Credit in any state. (back to top)


I am interested in having this class taught live in my area. Whom should I contact?
Answer:  We love to travel!  Please email us at info@marketspire.net.  There is no extra fee to host a class, however we do require that hosting entities have a group size of at least 35 in attendance and take care of the instructor's travel expenses when the location is more than 150 miles from our offices in Atlanta, GA. Attendees are responsible for their own attendee fee.  Oftentimes we are able to offer CE Credit for live courses. Just contact us! (back to top)





Seminar Testimonials

To date, this instructor/presentation has a rating of 98.8% "Exceptionally High Satisfaction"
with its attendees.  Below are a few comments from actual attendees!


“Alysia is an outstanding facilitator. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and look forward to more events sponsored/hosted by Alysia and MarketSpire”.   ~Erica Gay-McCullough


“Whenever I thought of a question, the instructor seemed to already have fit the question in with her material!  Thorough presentation!!”  ~RA


"Absolutely great in every way. Very informational and beneficial... her experience and knowledge is a blessing to us!"  ~Cindy G.


"Excellent instructor, keeps your attention! Very thorough and very informative!" - Elaine F.


"Instructor - excellent. Presentation - great. Info - invaluable!!" - Laura E.


"I know a lot of people in this industry, and I've NEVER met anyone who knows more about HUD than Alysia.  Amazing. Thank you for making your presentations available at such an affordable price."



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