NEW! One Day Class... Finally! Government Opens Up About Marketing & BD Strategies That Win Bids

FRESH, NEW One Day Class!


The Sessions That Will Forever Change How You Approach
Marketing and Business Development in the Gov Contracting Market 


"I used to teach and speak on marketing 20+ years ago and have attended many, many
seminars and workshops over the years. I must say that your event was
absolutely fabulous (IMHO) :-) The series promises to be excellent. Many thanks!"

 Ken Gullan Research Integration (IRI), San Diego, CA

Government Opens Up About Marketing & BD Strategies That Win Bids!
Come Learn What They are Saying and What You Need to be Doing Now!

Course Description: 

Uncover the myths in government contracting that are preventing you from winning bids

Leave knowing exactly what - and how- you need to implement relationship building tactics

Leave with new relationships in place for potential teaming opportunities

Leave knowing which social networking strategies impact government contracting today

A simplistic, POWERFUL strategy for marketing your business for results

Relationship building strategies and tactics for competitive edge

Did you know recent research concluded that government decision makers believe nearly 90% of vendors are using ineffective, antiquated marketing and business development strategies?  In other words...  90% of you are getting it wrong!? 90%! That's huge!

Join CBRS at this NEW ONE DAY course full of fresh ideas and information you need to know if you want to successfully play in the gov contracting market. Learn the answers to these questions and hundreds of others as we explore what government is telling us about the marketing and business development tactics that work to win bids today. And the best part? We don't just impart knowledge and leave you to devise the most effective methodology for incorporating the information into your organization for impact and gain!

Instead, CBRS takes it to a tactical level and teaches you the most effective methodology for systematically implementing the processes, tools, strategies, and tactics you need to be using to be in that top 10% (as defined by government!). At the end of the day, this is what your government prospects are saying they want from you – if you want to do business with them.

Module I—What is Government Saying?

A review of current research and industry studies telling us what’s going on in the market… including information gathered from personal interviews with government buyers and decision makers specific to marketing and business development strategies.


Module II—Let's Start at the Very Beginning and Step-Up to Government’s Request  

This module teaches what government is really saying they are looking for vendors to do in today's environment to get their attention! This module includes group exercises and class discussion to help you drill out the answers for your firm. These answers, including detailed discussions about rapport, are pivotal in reducing your marketing, sales/BD, and post-award expenses.

Module III—The Core Marketing & BD Tactics Government is Looking For From You

This module teaches in fine detail, the exact linear process that you need to be using in your marketing and business development strategies. Time is spent discussing recommended website enhancements. The majority of this full-day module is spent in hands-on exercises, developing the concrete tools you'll need to begin implementing tactics as you return back to your office! In addition, we'll review Web/Gov 2.0 tools your team should be using. By leveraging the CBRS research team to collect and analyze this data for you, your team will not only leave highly empowered but your firm will save thousands of dollars and many man-months.

Module IV – Wrap-Up (Go Forth and Prosper!)

As the course wraps up, we do a brief review of the major concepts presented, host a final Q&A to address your most pressing questions, and assist you in identifying your unique next-step action items.



DRESS:   Casual; come ready to actually enjoy this relaxed, informative, and creative training

OTHER:   Morning beverages and networking lunch are included


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