Marketing on a Shoestring


Marketing on a Shoestring




This FREE seminar will explain how to prioritise marketing and look at the most effective marketing tools. Presented by Simon Black of Design Bridge, London.




Part 1

What is a ‘big band idea? How do I get one? What do I do with it and how do I make it work for my business?

Part 2

Your business, you and your team. The agreeing and settling on a Big Brand Idea internally. Doing something every week, doing something every month and every year...... making lists of different activities

Finally reviewing Top Line generation v’s bottom line costs - what is most important in a chronic economic situation?



Tea and coffee will be available from 11.45am with presentations commencing at 12.00pm. A light buffet lunch will also be provided.

Please contact Suzanne or Katie on 01325 388686/388943 with any questions, alternatively email

We look forward to seeing you there.


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