Covenant of WISE - White Goddess Full Moon Ritual 2010

Covenant of WISE



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    Welcome to the Esbat of the White Goddess. The White Goddess ritual is an open full moon ritual at Covenant of WISE. We invite all, who would like to participate in a full moon rite, to come and worship the Goddess with community. 

    When we walk our path, we grow. As we take this growth into our selves, we transform. As we interact with our environment we transform those around us as well. Come and do your sacred work, and then take it to your community, and together we will transform our world.

    In this ritual we will call the Goddess to come and be with us embodied in one of our priestesses.  You will be able to approach the Goddess and interact directly with Her.  You may speak with Her, ask a question, make an offering, or simply be in her presence.  Regardless of how you participate, you will receive shared blessings that will be passed to others within the circle and to those with whom you interact within the larger community. Offerings and donations are appropriate.


* Vendors are limited so it is suggested that you bring your own food and water. 

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