New Jersey Wing SAREX (Search & Rescue Exercise) Saturday, 14 March 2009




(1) Proper Uniform and gear for the assigned tasks... dress for the weather!

(2) CAP ID Card

(3) CAP 101 Card showing that ALL ICS/NIMS Training has been completed!

(4) SQTR for each specialty you are training for.  All SQTR forms must be approved and signed by your commander!

(5) CAP Form 60 







This exercise will provide CAP members with qualification and continuation training of Air and Ground SAR and ICS activities to SQTR standards and IAW CAP regulations.  Particular focus of this exercise is to coordinate multiple situations state-wide, using a unified command of several staging areas and/or bases of operation.




The CAP Incident Commander will appoint a qualified Safety Officer as part of his general staff. All Team Leaders will use Operational Risk Management (ORM) and review all procedures with participants under their authority.  Safety inspections will be performed on all aircraft, vehicles, and facilities prior to beginning every training sortie.  Aircrews will be required to complete a current ORM matrix, Weight & Balance, and review aircraft performance charts.




14 MAR 2009. Initial arrivals of Mission Base staff will begin at 0730.  Participant check-in at all staging areas and sub-bases, including Aircraft and Vehicle arrivals, occur between 0800 and 0845.  Command and Safety briefings will begin promptly at 0900.  Operations will begin at 0930.  ICP is expected to close NLT 1800.




CAP will open and operate an Incident Command Post and Mission Base at Trenton-Mercer County Airport (TTN). CAP will maintain its ICP at TTN. Aircrews and Ground Teams may be tasked and released from as many as 3 staging areas throughout the wing, determined by the number of participants and their geographic locations.  Staging Areas will be determined in advance.




ONLY ES PERSONNEL WHO HAVE COMPLETED THEIR REQUIRED ICS/NIMS TRAINING MAY PARTICIPATE!  CAP personnel will conduct their training using the standardized National HQ ES Task Guides and IAW specific Specialty Qualification Training Reports. The CAP Incident Commander will review and approve all tasking prior to CAP member mission activity after considering all the guidelines and restrictions of CAPR 60-3.




Aircrews are expected to perform ELT-DF and visual target sighting.  Aerial photography techniques will be utilized extensively. The number of aircraft will be determined by member participation level and geographic location.


Ground teams will be expected to perform ELT-DF, missing-person search, and wooded-terrain penetration.  UDF teams will be expected to participate in ELT-DF at airports, marinas, and residential areas. These locations will be determined by participation levels.




An ICS Unified Command structure will be utilized throughout the entire exercise.  All mission base staff positions will be filled IAW ICS guidelines in an effort to train and qualify as many mission-management staff members as possible.  Trainees are strongly encouraged to participate.




Communication will be conducted by telephone and radio.  Standard CAP FM frequencies will be assigned by the Incident Commander coordinating with the Mission Base CAP radio operator. High-Bird communications may be utilized as necessary.  The aircraft call signs will be Cap Flight 29xx,  NJ CAP ground units will be Red Dragon xx.




  • Gain experience operating under Unified Command.
  • Exercise and train all ICP staff management positions.
  • Visual Sighting and Reporting training for Air Crews.
  • ARCHER proficiency for qualified aircrews.
  • ELT-DF and Missing Person Search training for Aircrews and Ground Teams.
  • Wooded terrain penetration experience for Ground Team Members.
  • Aerial Photography training and proficiency for Observers and Scanners.




Equipment needs will be determined by the number of participants that pre-register.  The Director of Operations requires that all assets be made available for this exercise.  The Mission Base at Trenton-Mercer Airport (NJ Wing Operations Trailer) is fully equipped and mission-ready including VHF CAP radio, Air-band AM radio, and high-speed wireless internet.




Emergency Medical services are available by dialing 911 from any Mission Base or Staging Area. A medical plan will be reviewed with all participants during the morning Command briefing and will provide community hospital locations and contact numbers.




Pilots-In-Command will call the assigned IC/AOBD to confirm plans and obtain flight releases.  Plans will be distributed and tasking made available beginning 21 November.  Aircrews should bring digital cameras and all support equipment for their mission. High-Bird assignments may be provided.



All Ground Teams will report to a pre-determined staging area (based on participation and geography).  Teams are expected to be prepared for inclement weather, and for penetration into wooded terrain, and are advised to carry only the equipment they need for their assigned task.




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